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I am a registered sex offender who has been on the registry since 2004.  The crime actually happened a couple years prior to my conviction but cause of some hesitation on the part of the law I wasn’t convicted until a while later.  Well to not explain my whole situation I was at a party as an older teen and had relations with a younger teen.  It was stupid and has really messed up my life.  I was only supposed to register for ten years but because of a new law I am told I have to register for life.  So now I have been on the registry for almost thirteen years now.  Pretty fun stuff.  You really can’t fix your life after that.  I have tried different things all the time.  I even went and got my associate’s and bachelor’s degree.  I can land job interviews easily but never make it past the background check.  So far the sex offender status has just gotten me poked at more times than I would like.  I was married for seven and a half years and because I left my ex for cheating she now goes around town telling people I’m a sex offender.  That’s what I call ironic.  If there was a relationship offender registry she’d be on it in a heartbeat.  I had three kids with her and now I have joint custody of my children but still have to pay child support and daycare.  I totally lost the divorce battle.  I don’t have enough to live off of so I had to become creative.  I just wrote a book on my life that took me four weeks of work to produce.  I released it on amazon under the title “An Ambivalent Pariah”.  Not sure on how big it could be but it will put a little change in my pocket.  If you have a story to tell you should do the same.  It might benefit you as well.  Keep fighting to have the life you want and not what the public wants you to have.

4 thoughts on “Keep fighting

  1. I’ve been registering in Texas since registering began here (1995) .My life has had way more downs than ups since my conviction in 1990 . Life just isn’t life anymore. Having to deal with the stares of the people you have to live around. You aren’t the only 1 .we are different people but I am definitely You!

  2. Like you I have been on the registry for since 2003 and I was only supposed to be on it for 10 years, but due to that law it has been almost 13 years. I also have not been able to find a job. I spent $3000 to take a truck driving class,and have had cdl for five years, which is turning out to be worthless and a waste of money. I happy that you found a way to get a little money. tolong

    1. Yeah the life of a sex offender is a harsh one. It’s a trap that once you’re caught in it there’s no getting free. It’s hard to believe that humans are so judgmental. Yet they are. It’s the end of days for America I feel. Everyday new people are put on the sex offender registry and if no one is getting off then dire results will occur. Did you know America is the only country that keeps a public registry of the sort?

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