The illegality of the “Pre-Polygraph Test Interview”.

I am a tier-one ‘Supervised Releasee” (not a “Defendant”, nor (in the present tense) an “Offender”).  A few months back my Parole Officer attempted to violate me for invoking my 5th, Amendment rights in not answering, as she called them, “Standard Masterbatory Questions” during a required Polygraph session. I hired a lawyer (for $2500. bucks) who made the thing ‘go away’, but I’ve given the matter further thought since then. I’ve decided that I didn’t even have to shell out that money!     Let me begin my ‘conclusion’ by telling you that I visited the Amazon book site and found a title (geared for the Polygraph “industry”) that essentially says that the ‘key to a “successful” (ha) polygraph test  is the “Pre-test Interview”. After reviewing my “Supervised Release Order” I found that I was only required to submit to a “polygraph examination”, not a “pre-test interview”. So the next time the Polygraph guy shoved a CONSENT FORM in my face, I simply crossed out any words which would allow an “INTERVIEW”! Harking back to the first time when my “PO” was trying to violate me, I had been threatening to file a State Criminal Complaint against the Polygraph guy for “HARASSMENT” for his asking the OBNOXIOUS, STEREOTYPING questions in the first place. My lawyer had saved everyone’s face, but my Advice now is that so-called “Sex Offenders” learn their own State’s criminal law(s) against ‘making annoying communications to another person’ (YOU); and for God’s sake, don’t consent to any “Pre-Polygraph-Test-Interview”. Also, be careful of the polygrapher. In my case he, or someone, tried to alter the AVI video of the proceeding to make me appear guilty! There’s experts against that, but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, as the saying goes.   Record what you say yourself, if you can.

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