The Past is the Past

First of all I’m a wife of a former sex offender not active sex offender. Meaning no harm but when Jesus sets you free your free indeed he changes your mind and heart your whole being , yes I’m bringing up spiritual side , because society the world condemns you for your past , even though your past is past , that is what it is , my husband of 12 years was charged of an offense committed when over 20 years ago but charged in 2009 , the lawyer was a former prosecutor , then became a defendant attorney public , when Hub talked to him , all he said was your looking at 50 if they believe the victim in trial you’re looking at 25 years , prison, so Hub and I talked and his mom and said take way ever plea there is so he did which was written sex offender counseling , comm supervision for life and polygraphs and probation 18 years , my husband has been in probation now going on 9 years , 9 years of counseling 9 years of poly graphs every 6 months at 175 each , and counseling few 225 month each pro 45 each and still paying on his court fee

Well I thought when you get you paper work it would give you a time limit such as the mandatory counseling stuff , but no time limit like how many year etc he’s have to go to counseling each week , no years was written , so now it’s going on 9 years now ;( this stuff has burdened our finances and top this , they make you take another poly if you happen to fail it !! Well polys aren’t 100 percent accurate they only 50 to 50 accurate , and the last one he did he failed it , but in truth he Didn’t !! He went to another polygrapher a month later and guess what he Passed it No problem , the same questions that was asked month earlier they asked in past few months which would of been from the last one he had and he passed it , !! People want to do point out if you fail test means you lying and then you made to take another at your expense and then if you fail the ready to punish you in pro ,, but my hubby passed he told truth the last one he took , this is why polys are unconstitutional period and why have to keep taking them every 6 months , and then next 9 years every 6 months and they use it to threaten you in pro and counselling etc so if you tell truth but fail you in trouble what with the machine !! When the machine can even raise signal even for anything doesn’t mean someone is lying , then while in the place Hub was taking his poly the guy was coming out from his poly and guess what he said His lawyer told him Do Not go back to the mandatory counselling The lawyer said It was Unconstitutional ! But I didn’t get to talk to the guy about it but that’s what was said !!

So if all this stuff is Unconstitutional why it still allowed in govt why the restrictions for families to live normal restricted that not even a dad can participate in their kid life that was not a victim , why can’t my hub go watch our son play sports go to parks and be part of my son life besides just helping with homework and throwing ball in our yard , my son is ten and this is Affecting him his behavior he’s bored and needs his dad in his life more so , cannot the punishment stop and bring on programs that will let us be families you know liberty to go travel , walk live , and you wonder why children become depressed and mad and bored and possibly get in trouble , the govt gives them Nothing to do with their families , mom dad son we are not just mom and son We need my hub my son needs his dad and us all participate in his life growing up , let’s stop and think about All kids not only kids that may have a father at home that hadn’t made a mistake etc in past life , kids have rights to even if his dad has a label on him , and things need to change !! Tenn needs lawyers to step up and help families Govt needs to stop punishing us all for past mistakes , they are punishing people for life by breaking families up , not restoring them , isolating them , outcasting them as Lepers and hurting the children the Most doing this

Think about families homeless without a dad working cause of foot restrictions , think about the bullying and vigilante stuff that’s happened in our country , ya they say it’s agsindt the law etc to do tat but still goes on , my hub lost a job cause the boss said well I knew you was on registry but we can’t have public to find out their reputation will be bad , so let him go , he was also harassed at a job he’s been st for years but when first started some body tried to call his boss and left message you know some one on sex offender registry works there etc , and boss of course knew about hub on registry but still he got that kind of call ( harrassment ) then you get neighbors calling you names all cause The List !!

People have been murdered due to the list ! The public list needs to stop and make it private for govt officials only as it did long ago ! This isn’t right , my hub is truly sorry for what he did back then , took responsibility and accountability but all there’s is is cont punishment for life to all , I wake up sometimes hoping this registry restrictions is gone and can live normal and picture our son as a happy child and unbored and not depressed !!but then realize the reality and all can do is cry and pray things will change to be fair one day in families lives , we are not the only one suffering we all suffer every families every child that can’t have their dad participate in their lives or moms who ever on registry , ;( we are not single moms or dads we are Family but govt takes it away ;( I know God can do the Impossible and I’m praying one day in time he will make it All possible families can be families !! Also it’s restoration that helps former sex offenders , having jobs , liberty to travel , a home , stability , helps and the registry rules takes this away , those who aren’t even married but want to get married they are seperated not cause of their own doing but cause the govt doesn’t allow it , , Love helps love forgives love restores , I’m never going to stop praying for all and reformed sex and offenders and their families and these laws that are unconstitutional , if it’s unconstitutionsl one state it should be every state same way , oh yah good news after almost 9 years of in being restricted to even be online to look up normal stuff , jobs news etc he finally was told long as he has covenant eyes on comp and his pro was accountability partner he can have internet Praise God ! He said cause one state found it Inconstitutional restricting sec offenders from being online who on csl, I’m happy for my hub we pray and prayed one day he’d be allowed to be online and be normal , so yes lil by lil tenn is seeing some the laws even while on pro is unconstituitional such as no internet , now they can be online Praise God 😉 , so there is a lil bit freedom there praise God 😉 let them laws. Cont to be shown they Unconstitutional in the states and others will follow in other states to be unconstitutional , ! So so far internet he can have , maybe more liberty freedom he can have before he ever passes away from cong heart failure he has ;( and maybe before he grows old ,;( life time registry or even 25 years after pro is punishment to the extreme , it should start accumulating the day you get out of jail the day you get put on pro not after pro all done ! So 18 years pro then registry time accumulates That’s Unconstitutional ! And lifetime registry after doing great 9 years in pro paying the fees going counceling 9 years and nine years every six months polygraph of 175 each hmm sounds like the govt wants families to be in debt , homeless without help without hope , many of us families work very hard at jobs and provide and it’s still tough with all these outrageous fees , one state can be small fee one state can be very High fees , ! We pay high fees in tenn 225 counceling fee each month pro 45 each month poly 175 plus gas each 6 months plus annual 150 each year for hub annual registration fee , why isn’t every state the same ! Wew, so we don’t even know the deal is counceling for test life or til pro is done with ? Or is this at all constitutional , some lawyer already told a guy it wa s Unconstitutional so if it’s unconstitutional then it shouldn’t be !

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  1. The God that you refer to had saved me from the demonic justice system over 32 charges (mostly for things that were found on a PC, except this one false “soliciting” charge) that were maliciously and unlawfully handed to me through the work of a possessed detective and a prosecutor who was influenced by demons. Many had prayed for me during that horrible case or situation that ensued after my arrest by the detective. The detective mercilessly (the one he truly worked for has no mercy in him, nor do his angels) worked against me. He used a forced and false confession of mine against me along with my portrayal of being a “smart” college-student from what I told him and what I marked on some bogus survey of his.

    He didn’t hold back and saw to it that I racked up a boatload of charges for my very 1st offense at age 21 through the prosecutor. Mind you, I was a slow, socially anxious, impulsive, man who was sleepless. I had also been in special ed as a kid for brain difficulties. The crooked detective had also lied on the “sworn-statement” report of his and twisted it up as much as he could against me after the confession and arrest where I lived at. He even got me falsely charged with some “soliciting” charge by pretending that I had been messaging a 15 year old girl online for sex. Just to add more fuel to the fire and hey, it was “believable” to most Americans as potential jury members. The prosecutor under the influence of demons gave me the false charge anyway, and I’m sure he knew that the detective was crooked. A “smart” college student would never set themselves up like that. No way in hell. And there was no “soliciting” in thread that the detective used to get me falsely charged. Anyone could have seen that.

    The confession was in his car as his blonde female cohort, sat behind him and listened as this man was setting me up. At some point she left the car and returned. Upon her return the demon-influenced, female officer stood outside the car on the driver’s side and revealed my psyche meds that had been found by other officers on a dresser and then showed the crooked detective them on-the-low, so as for me not to notice what they were doing to me. The detective then swept that finding under the rug. He had also asked me about any “legal,” porn and eventually used that against me on the report. Yes, he twisted things around and used something that is perfectly legal and accepted in society against me. He used the correlation between “legal” and “illegal” porn when it was convient for him. Though that correlation would barely ever be mentioned or pointed out by him and most other Americans, in casual talk or discussions. He mixed the legal and illegal porn together, as if the legal porn had anything to do with the crimes. At least in the eyes of the majarity, they certainly have nothing to do with each other.

    Also in his car, he at some point looked at me with some desperate and hungry look on his face and said “There’s nothing wrong with porn, Crash.” He had also asked me with this persistence, the whereabouts of the “man” who had sexually abused me as a kid. Not that he gave a damn about me or anyone else that has been victimized for that matter. He just wanted to go eat up some other “scum of the earth,” SO. He was a puppet. A tool.

    After the manipulated and forced confession in the detective’s car, I was driven from there towards the precinct by another officer. From there I overheard words from the detective, or rather a big-time, demonic entity speaking through him, such as

    “Crash is a dumb@@@!” “He’s stupid”  “Look… he’s so scared,” “He knows we’re watching him…” “So I asked him.. Ares..and he told me…yeah….,” as he and the other devil’s children hid in some room, staring at me on a monitor and it appeared he said the Ares comment in a hallway. I was in an interrogation room with my head in my lap, shocked and confused as to what was happening to me. By the way, Ares is a file-sharing program and it just so happened to also be the name that is attached to an ancient demon, which the ancient Greeks believed to be a god and worshiped. He spoke with a cold, dead, and monstrous tone. It was eerie and he sounded like an “alien,”(certainly not, and that experience gave me further confirmation that there are NO physical, humanoid creatures out there at all) took over his body. He did all that at 6 something in the morning by the way. The way he invoked the name “Ares” itself was chilling and that whole experience at the precinct was the stuff of nightmares.

    I had been left in an interrogation room by myself, as I listened to those horrendous things that the possessed detective said to other demon-influenced officers in another room and apparently in a hallway. From there I was escorted to an elevator where I had seen a terrible and evil influence on that man, that morning that he marked me for death. He had this twisted, evil, and crooked grin as he stood stiff like a statue, staring at the elevator doors. He didn’t blink as he stood there staring wide eyed at the elevator doors with that twisted grin of his. I had never seen such a grin before and it was so unrealistic. He wouldn’t be that last person that I would encounter during that entire case, or situation on which I would notice the influence of the forces of darkness.

    God was more powerful and that detective among many others, whether free or not, threw whatever they could at me (perjury by people involved with the mental health system on paper and in court, slander, defamation, officers trying to verbally degrade me in jail, sexual advances by homosexuals, lawmakers unfairly twisting the law a couple of years before my case, etc). Yet He shut all them bastards down.

  2. Amen to that.

    Let us, who speak of God and the Bible realize and not forget that Satan and his angels are very real and have great power and influence over the justice system. Not just in the justice system but in “the system” period. They have power and influence in the American system as a whole. Their influence hangs heavy in govenmental buildings, buildings of news organizations, police precincts, courtrooms, jails, pri@@@s, psychiatric hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. Even in Hollywood, the movie and tv industry, and the media. The adult film industry belongs to them and leads many teen boys and men to become SOs, planting poisonous seeds in them from a really young age.

    Their influence and power is concentrated on those that are involved in those places that I spoke of, as politicians, lawmakers, news anchors, detectives and other officers who work out in the community, prosecutors and jury members, officers and others who work in jail along with inmates, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists for example.

  3. Hello, im n ca. In ca. They cant use the polygraph to prosecute him n they cant arrest him if he fails, all the polygraph test does if he fails the councelers adjust counciling

  4. Sounds like forced servitude, with all the fees and charges and whatnot. Keep looking on the positive, we know the negative side too well already. There have been some victory’s and as more and more people get caught in this malicious scheme (SORNA), change will only happen faster.

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