What I Did On My Summer Vacation – I Got Deported

By James….

My parents, who are in their 90’s and in need of assistance when they travel wanted me to go with them to their time-share in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Initially I wasn’t thrilled with the idea because I am an RSO and every time you travel you can easily run afoul of the law and wind up back in prison by doing nothing. We have all experienced that if you have done nothing wrong the government will invent something, we know the name of that tune. Since my ultimate goal was to leave the country and never return after my parents pass away I decided that this would be a good dry run for doing that. That way if something unexpected happened I could fix it when the time came to leave for good.

Having heard horror stories from inmates who had problems with the Arizona Department of Public Services (ADPS) who told them to do one thing and then busted them for something they neglected to tell them or had told them something completely wrong. I wanted to have a witness with me when they gave me my instructions. My brother in-law was with me when I appeared to notify them. It was then I was told that ADPS doesn’t handle reporting of RSO’s traveling outside the country and I was told to contact the sex offender unit at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office on the phone. Then I was told to have a good time in Mexico. When I called the SO unit 47 days prior to travel (over twice the time required by law) and told them of my intention to travel to Mexico the conversation went well and the officer recorded my travel date and when I expected to return and that was it. Knowing that travel across the border took place without any restrictions it never crossed my mind to contact the Mexican Embassy. Keep in mind my civil rights have been restored but I’m still on the registry.

On April 30th, 2018 when I arrived at Sky Harbor Airport I proceeded to the customs check point and it was here I expected trouble if I was going to get any. I proceeded through the check point with no problems so I figured that I was actually going to get into Mexico. Upon arrival in Mexico I of course had to make a bathroom stop and when I came out of the bathroom standing next to my family was a man in a uniform. The moment he laid eyes on me he asked me who I was and called me by name. I told him I was and he then identified himself as Officer Flores of Mexican Immigration and Customs and took me to his office. He obviously had seen a photograph of me. Needless to say I then experienced flashbacks of my arrest that were very hard to stuff down even after 15 years. He then by carefully worded questioning got me to admit I was an SO rather than use those terms himself. He then related that he had received notification from the U.S. that I was on the plane headed for Mexico and they don’t allow convicted sex offenders in Mexico for any reason. At first I wanted to argue with him but sensibility told me that it would not be in my best interests, so I told him, “OK I’ll just go back” and that my parents would need to be notified of what was happening and make arrangements for a ticket back to the U.S. His facial expression changed to surprise. He said that my return ticket would take care of that and allowed me to travel back with my sister. I hadn’t had a cigarette in over 3 hours and asked him if I could smoke a cigarette somewhere and he graciously took me to a loading dock where I inhaled 2 cigarettes as fast as I could. Officer Flores was very kind and was not the problem. My government was the problem.

We sat in his office for about an hour while American Airlines personnel located our bags and had them placed on an aircraft. We were put on the first flight out which we assumed would be Phoenix but when we got onboard we found we were headed for Dallas Fort Worth (DFW). This put us on an airplane for an entire day. I had never been to DFW and in fact even though I was an airline aircraft mechanic for 18 years this was the first time I have flown in 16 years. I used to love being at the airport. Not anymore. What the government has done with aviation in Amerika is an atrocity I can’t even stand to see. Nothing about it is fun anymore.

Once we arrived at DFW because we were on an international flight we had to be processed through customs again. I have never seen anything like customs at DFW. It took 2 hours to get through it and of course we missed our connecting flight. At customs at DFW there are hundreds of these kiosks that look like slot machines to take your picture and process your passport. My sister went first followed by me. A ticket is generated with your photograph on it and both of ours had a big black X over the photo indicating we needed further processing which took a human to stamp my sisters passport but not mine. In all honesty I expected to be arrested when I saw that X on our photos. Once we had been booked on the next flight to Phoenix we got some dinner and then went to the gate and boarded our plane. We arrived in Phoenix around 9 pm and took a cab home. I don’t know if it was due to the 3 bouts of scabies in prison or if it was just battered nerves but by the time I got home I had sores all over my legs and arms that itched terribly. I still have them 2 months later.

Since my return I have discovered that this might have been avoided if I had contacted the Mexican Embassy prior to travel. It has also given me time to think and research the law and here I have made some remarkable discoveries. In US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case NICHOLS v. UNITED STATES No. 15–5238 SCOTUS ruled that, “The Philippines is not a “jurisdiction” under SORNA; no foreign country is. See §16911(10).” If SORNA has no jurisdiction in a foreign country then by what legal authority is the U.S. government giving my information to foreign governments if there is no registry in that country and it has no jurisdiction there? (I’m a paralegal and qualified to make that statement) This appears to be malicious to me as well as a violation of law. There are only 3 possible agencies within the U.S. government with the capability to do this. The Department of Justice, the State Department or the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Sex Offender Unit. I can only presume that I am not alone in this and the government is doing the same thing with anyone on the registry. Some of the articles posted here would tend to indicate that this is what the government is doing and it is illegal. This Supreme Court case is very interesting and one that I urge everyone to read. I’m still waiting to receive my notice in the mail that my passport has been revoked like other people have but nothing in the 2 months since then has arrived in the mail. After this article I’m sure it will. I would be a fool to think that the enemy isn’t reading what gets posted here. Bring it on tough guys. We’ll go to court. How far is up to you. I’m dying, I have no fear of you and I’ve got nothing better to do than take up your resources, cost you money, waste your time and make your lives as miserable as you have made mine. I really didn’t want to spend my last days in this way, but the government has made it necessary. What ever happened to, “DON’T TREAD ON ME!”

To those foreign countries that either have or are considering a registry I would say this. If Amerikans jumped off a cliff would you follow them? We are passing laws without reading them that violate our founding document. Would you follow a bunch hypocrites? And why are you following us anyway? Can’t you come up with better ideas of your own? Why are you importing the misery of the west? Just because it came from here doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

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