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My name is Matt and I was convicted of a sex offense in 2006. Some of you may know me already. I got caught up in the “non-nude” underage modeling websites back then and was arrested and convicted of downloading and distributing CP (even though the photos were all non-nude). I take FULL responsibility of my crime and feel remorse everyday.

I won’t go into all the details about my struggle with employment, housing, my five year prison sentence, my arrest, etc., because today I try to focus more on the future. In 2012, while on federal probation believe it or not (with approval from my P.O.) I started the documentary film company, Metamora Films. To this day, I’ve produced five films which have all won some sort of award, either online or at a local film festival. I’ve also had the chance to attend the Sundance Film Festival as a press member and interview celebrities such as Kevin Bacon, Elle Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Spike Lee and lots more. In addition, I host the podcast, Solitary Nation which is about America’s Criminal Justice System. I’m not trying to brag, just laying down the foundation for this request.

After about a two year break from filmmaking, I’m now looking at producing a documentary about the registry or living as a sex offender in this often cruel world. I know that’s broad so that’s why I’m requesting your personal stories. Here are some possible areas that I may want to explore:

Cruel and unusual restrictions in your community
Success stories after arrest or prison sentence (making a difference in the world)
Sex offender vigilantism
Any story that has not been told yet in a film
Community hate, fear, social rejection

If you’re interested in talking with me and have an idea or personal story for a film, please contact me at:

Thanks for your time and I’m a true believe that films have the power to transform hearts and minds.

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  1. I’d be happy to share my husband’s story. He made a huge error in judgment long before I met him. He was a high functioning alcoholic and single parent. His ex-wife’s niece was his regular babysitter. After a night of drinking, he woke up with a naked babysitter in his bed. She was looking for a relationship and admitted she thought she was in love with him. When he rebuked her, telling her this was a mistake and would never happen again, she emailed him nude photos. He deleted the emails immediately. The girl’s mom found the pictures on the girl’s computer and found the girl’s diary where she wrote about it. The mom pressed charges. The pics remained on the computer’s hard drive. He took a plea, was a model prisoner and probationer. Followed all the rules. Then he met and fell in love with me. I have minor children. We went to court to have his probation terms changed so we could marry. The judge (who originally sentenced him) agreed with our argument that it is unconstitutional to prevent anyone to marry another. He was upholding what SCOTUS has ruled previously when ruling on same sex marriages. The DA had him arrested for violating probation by his relationship with me. That same judge sentenced him to 11 more years I prison. He did not commit another offense or another crime. He was sent back to prison for a technical violation because of his relationship with me.

  2. Hello my name is Michael and my story is in “tales from the registry” it is entitled “5 years of hell”. It turns out my car is the only one of its kind in the entire state of Pennsylvania. I was given a multiple life sentence for a misdemeanor with no minors is physical contact. You are alcove to use it if your would like.

  3. Hello i have a story for you. Mine in short was a sting in which they posted as a 14 year old is gay and dont know what to do and what family and friends will think. Friend in high school killed himself for almost the same thing. I tried to help him & in all the text and such nothing i said has anything that i wanted sex or anything of that nature but yet i was arrested anyways and the judge allowed my case to continue & my lawyer & prosecutor both played games in court and i have a couple of witnesses to that. I was convicted an took a plea deal because my lawyer scared me cause didnt want to go to prison where i figured someone would kill me. In a way living through all of this it would have been better to be dead cause then i wouldn’t have to live through all of this. I wont kill myself so dont worry. If you want the complete story feel free to contact me. Thanks

  4. I can tell you a story , my husband story , he can’t talk to you or anyone who is a felon as he is , but I can tell you his story as he gives me the story , , put it this way , he took a plea , he didn’t understand at the time , attorney rushed him in it and we all wanted him home , but this plea was for rest his life , which he didn’t realize it at the time , i, anyways let me know if you’d like the story or not thanks ,

  5. From all I can read, I, by the grace of God, have more a successful story than most. I will give you a flyby and then feel free to contact me if you wish. There were and still are many struggles battles with depression throughout all of this, but I can imagine that is common in all personal stories, so I will hit the highlights and you can safely assume within the gaps is were the battle rages.
    Sexually molested at the age of four by my adopted brother, never telling anyone, I was angry and confuse for the next 13 year until the year 2002 I was charged and guilty plea bargin in 2002(just after 17th birthday) for sexual assault of a child. Sentenced to 7 years at 85%
    After serving five years and 11 months in prison, enduring numerous death threats and three days of rape during a lockdown. I reach my parole date. Because I could not find a acceptable parole address I was forced to serve 85% of my three year parole term as well.
    All told, eight and a half years
    My parents, who were renting a house in which the rental agreement stipulated not felons, found me a residential Christian program that I could go to. One failed attempt and then a successful completion of the program, staying connected to my church and mentor, and now I have had a job for six years, back in college(paid for by my company) and married for two and half years to a woman who is my biggest support and best friend.

    As a fair warning, my testimony will give all glory and honor to God as all the failures are mine because I tried to do thing without support or seeking council many times, and the success belong to God because despite my foolishness and stubbornness, he carried me through so much to be where I am now. And if I were to tell my story without the focus on God and His guiding hand and provision, then the story is less than half told.

      1. What a great Redeemer, indeed!
        To answer your question, I was kicked out of the program about two months in because I looked at pornography on the computer. But I did return to the program a month later and completed it.

    1. Awesome, i got told in counceling that i cant talk about God except what he did for me and i couldn’t even suggest what i think anyone else should do as far as church & God, What im curious is what God has planned for me because in my case I’m innocent, i didn’t ask for or hint for anything sexual & didn’t send or receive any pictures, i got scared into taking a plea deal because my lawyer said ” you dont want to go to court because the detective will get on the stand and who do you think there going to believe you or a detective? I took a plea deal out fear of not getting fair trial. After i got out of jail i found out after the fact you shouldn’t get a lawyer in same town. So i found a lawyer in Walnut Creek and brought all my paperwork and plus a Cd. That lawyer looked all of that over. We went back 1 week later and he said there is nothing in here of any kind that would point towards sexaul of anyway” i said i know & he said i dont know how this went past arraignment. Because its a sex offence case and thats all the jury would need to hear and it’s over. Of course it would cost $25000.00 to get it back in court and $2000.00 every day we’re in court. I dont have that kind of money. I paid him $2500.00 , plus my lawyer was deputy district attorney and the district attorney in my case was assistant District Attorney and she worked directly for my attorney before, but sometime prior to all of this my attorney quit and started practicing law and the assistant attorney became deputy district attorney, with all that said the then assistant District attorney was on prosecuting attorny against my attorney which was her boss, talk about conflict of interest, i know that when God lifts this off of me i will still fight to get the registry disolved.

  6. I am a s.o. living in Tennessee. I was convicted of at rape and served my 10 yr sentence in the tdoc, refusing a probation offer and a subsequent offer of parole because I wanted to be DONE with those people…only to find out upon my release that I would be subjected to community supervision for life (csl)
    I have been out since 2012 and was building a good life for myself until I started asking questions and requesting policies. Then the nightmare began….I have been harrassed, intimidated, forced into homelessness twice in the last 2 months, forced to wear a GPS, forced Into unemployment, arrested in one county on two felony charges only to bond out and have two more waiting for me ..that officer has never shown up in court btw and it should go away this month…but I’m still out lawyers fees which is their end game..moved to another county and got arrested several times within a matter of days …all completely bogus charges, but around 30 charges, 20 of which are felonies. I will beat these charges as well, but suppose anyone will apologize or refund my attorney fees or my Inability to work out of state due to pending charges? I have just broad strokes over the absolutely insane details of the past year and a few months because there’s not enough space here to do it justice. Just in case anyone else in Tennessee is curious, there is absolutely NO state law regarding Halloween (operation blackout) in Tennessee, nor is there ANY tdoc policy that even mentions it. You want a story? I’ve got one for the record books, and it’s not over. pLEASE give me an opportunity to tell this story! IDC about my name or my face being exposed ! I’m ready to handcuff myself to the state capitol bldg and call the media to come take pictures and laugh at me at this point!

    1. Hello you mentioned you got harrassed for asking about policy and stuff like that. Can you tell me what you mean and what you did as far as policies an such. Im always searching at all angles about facts and proof they that had any part of all these laws. I’ve contacted the Doj and asked them that the studies the Doj themselves have done shows recidivism for sex offenders is below 5%. I asked them ” then how can these laws be enacted you yourselves have proof from your studies that these laws were enacted on lies “. You know what they told me? If you think these laws should come down then you need to contact your local senator and legislators. I asked them ” so the Doj and senate and legislators dont communicate? You know the truth and yet you say nothing and let these laws go through? What i want to know if this is what you were doing and they came up with false felonies to keep you quiet? I dont want to be arrested like that for speaking the truth. Thanks

      1. Unfortunately, DOJ only abides by the laws/rules established by Congress. These laws are not created in courts. Judges do not write laws, they only apply them as the laws are written. If we want these insane and unjust laws to change we have to fight them. We do this by appealing cases to higher courts and by educating legislators or voting. I know individually most can’t afford the legal fees for appeals, but together as a group we may be able to get further.

  7. I’m not sure if my story is any different than anyone else’s, but I’m more than happy to tell it. The only thing I can think you might gain from my story is the perspective of someone convicted through a military court martial.

  8. Dear Matt,
    The story I’m willing to tell you is actually my husband’s story. His name is Michael and he would tell you the story himself but he is incarcerated for another 64 days due to a messed up probation violation that is filled with lies and deception by those in control. I am currently gathering ALL the legal documents and SOR reports in order to beginning exposing the lies. Would be more then willing to talk with you,this one is for the record books.

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