Cautionary tale: if you allow other people to use computers in your house, beware!

By Kas…

In 2015, my wife and I had our kid’s high school friends over all of the time to play computer games on our sons’ or their own computers, or with the gaming systems on TV. Unbeknownst to us (the parents) one or more of the teenagers (most under 18, some not) were viewing and downloading CP torrents to their computers. This led to our local law enforcement (LLE) being notified by the Feds and raiding our house and taking all computers present. Sure enough, both of our kids computers contained illegal files. But the police pursued a malicious prosecution against me because I was a teacher and (according to my lawyer) “was a better target.” Worse, the police threatened to arrest my spouse if anyone (other than me) kept trying to take responsibility for the files. (My spouse would immediately lose employment if even arrested for such a crime.) My defense attorney’s solution was bribing the judge. After two of the judges were recused for corruption, the third judge refused to be bribed. Then, my defense counsel had the prosecutor come over and refuse to hold a trial at all, but that I needed to just plead guilty and keep the truth quiet. Then I learned that there isn’t a lawyer in this state (Maryland) that has EVER EVEN GONE TO TRIAL. Not that no lawyer has ever WON, but also that EVERY SINGLE CP CASE IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND IS THE RESULT OF A GUILTY PLEA. Wow, we should get these local CP cops elected Police Commissioners in big cities like Baltimore if they not only have a 100% conviction rate, but a 100% conviction rate with no trials! There’s much more, and soon this will become a national story, but for the time being, I’m getting the conviction thrown out and exposing all of this corruption, slowly but surely.


  1. Ken Thorp

    Wow, red flags everywhere in this post. I served seven years in prison for Pandering. In my most desperate time of denial and lack of wisdom, I thought I could get a judge bribed. Not gonna happen. Your attorney is your guide through the legal system, not your savior and not likely to risk their career for a sex case. Why would you entertain the idea to bribe a judge if you were innocent? “the third judge refused to be bribed.” Hmmmm. Sounds like a Federal crime has just been exposed.
    Do you even know why attorneys are scared to take these cases to trial? I do because I educated myself studying law for 7yrs. I even sued the Warden for 8th Amendment claim and settled for 7,500k. See. Thorp v. ODRC
    Sadly, I have heard this same story from guys, while in prison, taking SOP. All too many times. Your in for a real eye opener sir. My advice, get honest with your wife, God, yourself, and try to save your family. Prayers to you and your family. God Bless.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m also on for CP. In my case, the photos were of my girlfriend. We were both young (barely over 18) and the photos predated our relationship on a computer she owned but we shared. They were never sent or shared online, just old pics of hers one of her girlfriends took of her when she was 17. They were literally and provably on the computer before we even met. They got me with “take the plea we charge one count and you do no jail time, no registry, and we dismiss her charges; or don’t take the plea we charge you with 40+ counts and if you lose you both go to prison for 15 years.” At the time I didn’t have to register. This was 20 years ago. Then the law changed and I had to register later on anyway. To this day I struggle with my decision to not go to trial. I am no harm or danger to anyone. I never have been. I was a young guy in a healthy relationship with a legal aged young woman, and Romeo and Juliet doesn’t cover CP arising from a legal relationship. The system is so screwed up. I seriously hope the CP laws weren’t intended to round up people like me. It ruined my life before it even started.

  3. a man without a country

    This brings up a good point. I’d like to know how many RSOs are the results of a plea bargain. My own “defense” attorney 20 years ago won the primary for DA in our home county a month after my case seemed rushed (lgess than a full year) to a conclusion (either take the bargain or go to trial). But how much effort was my “defense” attorney (a la Dershowitz’s book by that name) going to put into getting a case dropped when he was going to become a DA the next year, a pretty sure thing?

  4. Ed C

    Wait a minute. You had an attorney who tried to bribe judges?? Was he disbarred or charged himself? I wish you all the best in your efforts to expose corruption. However, I suggest getting a more ethical lawyer.

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