20 years of registration feels like a lifetime.

By Connie…

My husband visually offended two adult women by wearing shorts without underwear and was charged with indecent exposure in 2003. He was advised by his lawyer to plead guilty expecting to receive 10 years probation and registry, but the judge unreasonably with held sentencing for many months till the law was changed to 20 years registration. He has 5 more years before he is allowed to not register. Two cruise lines, Royal Carribean and Carnival canceled our booked cruises because of the registry. Although, the head of security on Carnival said if he was removed from the registry, my husband would be welcomed aboard.
We also cannot sell our home and move to any decent senior housing in Broken Arrow or Tulsa, OK where we would like to live.
My husband has successful completed all probation, treatment program, and polygraph requirements for over a decade. He has not committed any sex offense of any kind in 15 years.
Currently he voluntarily helps other men overcome sexual addiction in the best program available called “Pure Desire”, “Conquer Series”, “Seven Pillars of Freedom”. You can look it up on the internet.
We are anxious about taking a vacation to any state because of all the laws punishing sex offenders. What if he registers as a visitor and is never removed?
At our age 20 years of registration is almost a lifetime of punishment.
He admits he was wrong to visually offend those ladies, but 20 years punishment for seeing something they shouldn’t have seen!

9 thoughts on “20 years of registration feels like a lifetime.

  1. I was offended by his plumbers crack! Dear god if that’s all that happens to you in life consider yourself blessed. Americans have become so thin skinned. They have no idea that their sense of being offended is occurring because they themselves have become so recalcitrant in their own positions. They have drunk their own KoolAid.

  2. I’m sure that the two bitches that complained weren’t really seeing anything new either!

  3. 20 years is better than lifetime – I know that sounds like it is, but it isn’t. Unfortunately because of the rules in my country, my convictions for “indecent assault” on a girl I was dating while she was underage means I am on the registry for life. It’s about to get a whole lot harder too because now there’s talk of a publically-accessable registry on the internet. Funding for it has been set aside already.

  4. I don’t see “free-balling” as a crime. Did his accusers actually see his penis or just the “bulge”? If they didn’t actually SEE his genitals, I don’t understand how there could be any indecent exposure. People wear swim trunks on the beach without undies underneath all the time and no issue is made of that.

  5. Pure Desire by Ted Roberts is great. Look up the story of Rich Moore, he was convicted of CM in Oregon and has found success.

    Is your husband still having issues with probation?

    1. He completed the 10 years probation and now is just required to register where we live, our vehicles, employment, cellphone, etc…. in OK. We have an RV and want to travel and camp, but because of all the complicated laws about visitors registering, we are very concerned he will might get on another state’ s SOR and never get removed. Since they changed the SOR law after his time of offense and also after he had pled guilty, we believe the state of OK broke the Supreme Court law of punishment at time of offense. Especially, since they delayed his sentencing 9 months after he had pled guilty. Unfortunately it takes money to fight for justice.

    1. Thank you for your comment. He said he needed treatment to make him accountable for offending those ladies, and realize how they felt, but the severity of punishment was way too much. So many people like him are beinging severely punished by SOR laws and they are, like him, not any danger to children. I thought SORs were for protecting children, or adults from assault or rape?

      1. It’s also to protect these “innocent ladies” from seeing anything that they’ve been conditioned to not to want to see, regardless of how sexually promiscuous those “ladies” might in reality be!

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