Don’t Travel to Florida

By Daytona…

Don’t travel to Florida,as I found the hard way.Bottom line is I didn’t do
my homework.
I’m a level 1 living in Mass. In 2015 I made a decision to move to Florida
and retire there.I had lived in Mass all my life without any trouble with the
law. Its been 30 years since my sentencing.There was no Registry then,but I
still had to appear before a local PD to be processed,Finger printed,and
mug shots taken each year till 2000-2001.the Mass.registry was then formed,and I have been on it since.I was given a Level 1 Classification in
2003.I petitioned to have my name removed but was denied.
I had lived quietly alone in the country,and was never bothered.the only
people who knew about my status was the people involved with my
arrest and conviction.
I was contacted by an old girlfriend i knew 40 years ago who lived in
Florida. I made the decision to visit her and see if we could live together.
This is where I went wrong.I had become complacent with my life.
I wasn’t up on all the changes that had happened,Adam Walsh act,SORNA,etc.And Florida’s harsh SO laws.
Off I went after contacting Mass SO registry I was leaving and
headed to my unfortunate demise.
I knew I had an obligation to Register in Florida and as soon I
got there Contacted the local FDLE office.To my surprise I was told there
was no levels in Florida and my name would go public. I wasn’t aware
of how bad things would get for me.I didn’t do my homework!
Three days after moving in with my girlfriend we were called to the
housing complex office where she lived.I was told to leave,I was being
evicted. FDLE had sent emails to the community stating where I was
living. I was furious and went the FDLE office.Only then did I Realise the
mistake I had made by coming to Florida.
I lived in hotels for a couple of weeks, I then called a LIfe-long friend
that lived in Tallahassee and asked if I could stay with him till I figured
out what I was going to do.
I had to now re-register in Leon county,Be re-booked and get another
Florida license.(Re-booked,fingerprinted again and detained for 3 hours}.
After the 2nd week of staying with my friend,he told me he had a visit
from his neighbor, who was a self-appointed crime watch mayor of the
neighborhood. He was told FDLE had again emailed the community
with my ID, and I should leave, I wasn’t wanted there.
Truth being,this was the lowest time of my life,I wanted to end it all.
I had a good friend who I contacted that helped me through this
terrible time.
I left Florida, and never looked back.I came back to Mass. re-registered
again as a Level 1. But Florida wasn’t done with me yet.Because I did
register in Florida my name & ID was out in the public domain now.
I’m a level 1 in Mass. which means my name & ID cannot be given out,
only if requested through along process,and yet I’m in the public domain,
on SORNA, and I never was there before.
Now I wait,after 30 years of this BS for something to happen to me in Mass. as it did to me in Florida.


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  1. Registered notoffender

    So sorry this happened to you. I won’t even visit florida. Their 3 day registration trigger is especially ridiculous.

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