Poly me why?

By Joseph…

A polygraph? Are you serious. If I was not committed for a crime I; should not have to tell about others. But you see me as a liar and threaten me if I don’t pass I will be sent back to prison? That is injustice. You have a record I was not charge for in you system and your telling me you have the right to hold that against me. harassment and stalking is by for nothing to what you have in your phone apps.(records state I was charge for attempted rape,breaking entering. and was told more but charges was dismissed. How can one be charge if it was dismissed. Now I am counseling and we are not allowed to associate with other offenders? we do not teach one another how not to re-offend but be sabotaged by our criminal sexual crimes when ever this counselor feel she needs to do so.there is very little evidence that polygraph can prove i could re offend and this ms. brust (psychologist has this number sequence that state you can re-offend and she state my chances is 50% in 5yrs.WHAT A PSYCH who must took mind reading courses to.

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  1. Hi Joseph – I can relate to your frustration and anger of the current situation. I have been in the registry for 15 years. There are a number of injustices and problems with law enforcement, the (in)justice system, the media, and the public. I completed 4 years of an s.o. treatment program that included the polygraph. From what you have written you have been given information (written in your post) to prove to the system you are not what you have been labelled. I write this to you to try to give emotional support. Many of us are living with difficult situations. It’s how we face them each day that determines how we face life and ourselves. I know of two men who have lost their lives serving on the registry. When their deaths gained media attention, the story always ends with the judge finally removing the guy from the registry. I would encourage you to get more emotional support to work with the anger and frustration you are feeling. Many of us deal with these feelings for a very long time. A turning point for me was to realize I don’t have to accept this (or any other) label that society or any one puts on me. Joseph is Joseph. Whether we are young or older, time can be on our aside in a civil rights case against the arresting agency. In the meanwhile, keep reaching out for emotional support. Show the world you are a stand up guy and not a label.

    God Bless!

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