Sanctioned Life Destruction & Murder!

By PerryP….

I’ve been on The Registry for many years now, and to be honest, I deserved being on it for the Crimes I have committed in the past. However; I’ve never used any Weapons, in any of my Past Crimes either. My Last Conviction ended up with me doing 5 years. I thought that would be the end of it, but No. Nearly Eleven Months AFTER MY CONVICTION, I was brought back to Court, and in an SVP Hearing, WAS LITERALLY CONVICTED AGAIN BY HAVING TO REGISTER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! I’d been told that because The ADA waited so long to have me Convicted like that, was Illegal. To this day, I still don’t know it that’s true or not. At this point, it’s kind of Moot.

I was scared to be honest; because even in Prison, there are other Inmates who are only too willing to Attack and try to Maim or Outright Kill anyone convicted of a Sex Crime especially against a Child as was in My Case. I’ve witnessed Correctional Officers be only too willing to show other Inmates MY CONVICTION AND CASE, and was Threatened from that very day it happened on. Who could I go to, to report it? NOBODY Because ‘The System Takes Care Of And Protects It’s Own!’ Only by The Grace of Almighty God, was I spared from that kind of Attack!

Treatment? Look, I did not one, but TWO Treatment Programs, and was told if I refused, I could be held even AFTER doing My Full Five Years. In Pennsylvania, THEY CAN AND WILL DO THAT TOO! It doesn’t stop there either.

After being released, I’ve spent the past nearly Six Months in trying to get a job, BUT NO ONE WILL HIRE ME. My Family cannot help me Financially anymore, and I’ve got to depend on Faith Based Ministries and other Organizations to help me keep A Monthly Bus Pass, A Phone, Money for Laundry and other Personal Necessities, and Rent for where I live now, until I can get My SSDI Case Settled and get SOME of My Retirement Money. I currently live above a Bar and Grill. ‘Special Probation’ put me there. Go Figure.

I’ve been harassed over the Phone since being out. I’ve been followed by varying groups of no more than three to four guys at different times. Oh, and By The Way; I can’t Protect Myself either if any of them attack me. THEY can use Weapons, but I can’t have any. A ‘Special Probation Violation’.

I have to pay a Monthly Supervision Fee. Go to Community Treatment ALSO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, and quite frankly, I don’t know if I’ll be on The Streets Six Months from now anyway. I could end up back in Prison for the remaining TEN YEARS OF MY ‘SPECIAL PROBATION’ TIME, and after that, they’ll just keep me in anyway for the rest of my life…because ‘The Commonwealth Can’.

Oh and By The Way; I’m Black too, and believe me when I say this: THE JIM CROW LAWS HAVE COME BACK IN FULL FORCE! This current version of The Registry is nothing more than National and State Lawmakers GRANTING FULL SANCTIONING OF HARASSMENT AND MURDER FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME! And do you believe if any of THEIR SONS, BROTHERS, UNCLES, FATHERS, GRANDFATHERS, OR MALE COUSINS would get the same treatment that the rest of us get? OF COURSE NOT! They’ll Pay Off Judges, DA’s ADA’s and make Back-Door Deals that ensure their Loved Ones NEVER SEE JAIL OR PRISON TIME OR EVEN GET PUT INTO MANDATED TREATMENT, LET ALONE ON THE REGISTRY…because as we all know: MONEY TALKS!

I do not see myself living beyond Age 62 or even 63. I won’t make it to see My attempts at getting My SSDI by this time next year if at all! I AM THOROUGHLY CONVINCED, I’LL BE DEAD AT THE HANDS OF A VIGILANTE GROUP. WHETHER OUTSIDE OF A PRISON OR INSIDE OF ANOTHER ONE!!

Well Pennsylvania Lawmakers; you finally got what you wanted, and I hope you can live with yourselves when enough of Us get killed by Vigilantes. After all, THEY WON’T GET LONG SENTENCES EITHER. JUST A SLAP ON THE WRIST, AND PROBATION, PROBATION AND MORE PROBATION!


7 thoughts on “Sanctioned Life Destruction & Murder!

  1. Hopefully you’re still all together and if you’re still out there pressing on day after day then keep with it. The days get depressing, I know. Being someone who’s helping a family member go through their trip in this system has taken its toll. Everyone of us loses big and small in this fight. Ultimately what does it cost to keep fighting? Everything. As my dad once said “you’ve learned to be successful now you gotta learn to be poor”.

    The game is to survive so if you look at it that way each day is a victory no matter the cost. Be thankful for that and remember that there are others out fighting the same battle, some in much worse shape than you and without family or friends to help. So consider even reaching out to them and helping.

  2. Hi Perry
    You said it best, not trying to be ugly and i know why you said if, bug you bought into it and so its YOURS …

  3. PerryP

    Things can get better. Do what you must do. You are still breathing and got to see another year. There must be some meaning to that. I have been depressed, bitter, angry and I’m struggling to find my purpose but it must be found. I gotta finish the game. Defeat or the feeling of defeat, is what some of those sort of people would want or like and so do the invisible dark forces that they work for. There are not enough negative words that could describe what I had felt and experienced during my case and the kinds of people I encountered during it.

    This is all coming from someone who was facing death and eternal damnation from the same criminal justice, and court system that you speak of. Both people who were free (law enforcement working out in the community and in jail, those behind the news, “forensic psychologists,” people that worked at a psyche hospital which included a female therapist, lawmakers etc) and the ones who were not free (in custody in jail, in custody at a psyche hospital, clients at some program in the community) did whatever damage that they could do towards me, whenever the opportunities presented themselves, but here I am writing messages to other SOs online.

    Take care of yourself. Everyone has a purpose. EVERYONE does. Just gotta find it.

  4. ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO THEIR PURPOSE. Do not give up. Do not lose faith in God. Keep pushing because you don’t know what the Lord has for you. Receive your freedom. You are a King. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel beneath them. The Bible says that the Lord will make your enemies your footstool. The Bible says the Lord will prepare a table for you in the midst of your enemies. Stop speaking contrary to the Word of God. I speak life over you, and life more abundantly. This too shall pass just be strong. I’d like me and my husband to pray with you. Please reach out to us.

  5. Oh my gosh, when will the registry be gone.
    All SO’ers are in the same boat (along with any family members that have stuck by their side.)
    God help us all.

  6. Dear Brother,
    I will keep you in my prayers a prayer of Protection
    Psalm 27 Psalm 91
    God will never leave you nor forsake you
    Be Encouraged and Walk in Victory!

    Thank you for Sharing

  7. I know this will sound trit but I to am on the list ,but Im no where near in trouble like you are , Im going to pray for your supernatural protection , I saw many times in prison Gods hand protect me and there were some really bad dudes in my pod who I had to face every day . Ive been out now 7 years and I get a visit every 3 months and I get the same dumb ass question do you still live here , if I answered the way id like to they would make every effort to make my life even more miserable , so I just smile and say yes sir Im still here ,you cant fight them you just have to go around them and I do in a lot of ways . I dont your name but God does . regards a bro on the list .

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