Death Vs. The Registry

By Sad Mom . . .

The person I know was convicted of a crime of sexual assault of a minor. He was using dating apps to meet women for casual sexual encounters. In order to sign up on these sites one must acknowledge (with a click in a box) that they are 18 years old.

This person met and had sex with a ‘woman’ who turned out to be 13 years old. The case went to court and it was a ‘he said/she said’ digital tech style. They had traded nude’s – possession of child pornography. His words for where to meet for sex – an additional charge of solicitation of a minor. And all the various “defendant used body part a to penetrate ‘victim’s” body part b” require the act of sex to become broken down into a charge for each and every “touch”.

At no point did this man force himself on the ‘victim’. The ‘victim’ was a child and one can make an array of assumptions about family, parenting, social/economic barriers and anything else regarding what lead her to take a smart phone, create a dating profile on a site she had no legal right to be on, and engage in trading ‘pornography’ and sexual talk with adults. Although it did not specifically come to light in the case of this man, the ‘victim’ was engaging in similar digital talk with others. But this isn’t about her or them – it’s about this young man.

He told his side of the story – that she lied and he didn’t know she was underage. HIs sexual history and preferences were also on trial – no one on this particular jury could understand or abide it. He was found guilty and due to be sentenced.

He knew just be found guilty (before knowing any jail time or anything) would require a lifetime as a registered ‘sex’ offender. He was the farthest from that. He understood the nature of people and how they judge. The registry would impact his family and every single aspect of his life from friends, girlfriends, jobs, places to live, and on and on. It would never end.

So he departed this life at 24 years old. Given the choice between death and the sex registry; he chose death.

This is the impact of what the registry means in real life.

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