The state of affairs in my area for sex offenders.

By Leeallen . . .

Hello, my name is Leeallen and I register as a sex offenders in Michigan. I’m  texting you today in regards to employment discrimination. I’ve  put in 59 applications  on indeed and  20+ in person not to mention Craigslist. When I first got out in 2018 I was able to find a job at a taco bell  where I worked for two years. I left to work  for Applebee’s  who hired me for a single day before aggressively  firing me because they claim  I lied on my application. I did not they’re  application asked if you’ve  ever been convicted of theft or dishonesty and I of course said no. Be that  as it may I did end up working  at a very undesirable factory though  I’d  happily take a similar  situation again. And admittedly  I left there simply because I got fed yp with work conditions there. After that I did find an opportunity  to work for outdoor adventures at a phone call center. I  notified the hiring manager at the interview  that I was a sex offender and she said I believe  everyone  needs a second chance and I wont judge you for actions a decade plus past.. I worked there for 3weeks before someone from upstairsCame downstairs to tell me they had to let me go because it was bad for perception. Since then I have not been able to find even a fast food job as everyone who was collecting unemployment  was kicked off of that and now seeks work. Simply put I’ve been offered two jobs and both reneged on hiring me before  my first day. I just wanted to  share my story.

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  1. You might try and get a job with an individual like someone who owns a mechanic shop, yard work or something. Also lots of warehouses where you are not really dealing with the public hire those with a record.
    Another idea that I use even when I was no longer on probation, try checking with the probation office and explain you are no longer on probation and are looking to find out places that hire ex offenders. no guarantee they will help you since they are trying to get jobs for those on probation but worth a shot.

  2. I feel your pain. It’s not fair or productive. This is not going to help you right away, but my advice to anyone with a felony, much less on the registry, is to find a way to work for yourself. As I always say, the best person to hire you is yourself! I’ve been out for about two years. I literally started with nothing. I am grateful I had help from my family to get into a good living situation.

    I started a side hustle right away. I took ever bit of help and any gifts and put it into starting my side hustle. My PO was so over the top, I practically could only work at one furniture factory. The POs office has such a bad rep, the other major furniture factories wouldn’t hire me because they didn’t want to deal with the POs, not because of my conviction.

    It was a terrible job, but I worked my side hustle efficiently (hard work won’t necessarily make it happen). After 8 months I was able to quite that job and work for myself. My business is primarily online, but in my previous life, I worked in the IT industry without any formal training. Since I had my own business, clients only cared about my performance, not my certificates!

    Don’t know what you can do in your situation, but I compete against other businesses in much better areas of the country and much better financial situations and still do very well. I live in a very small town with very few resources, but I make it work.

    If running your own business isn’t for you, then at least start some side hustle. It’s a good life skill to have to buffer against down economic times.
    Good luck, let me know if you have any questions.

    1. LJ

      I did that for a while myself. The only downside is, working for yourself you have no health insurance. I guess that is ok if in perfect health but I had to have that. Luckily at least now I am on Dead-a-care. (Medicare)

      1. For everybody else, most of us should qualify for ACA insurance (ObamaCare). I get mine completely covered right now. That may go up in the future, but I still expect to qualify for fairly large subsidies. If you haven’t already, you have until 12/15 to sign up. Just try it and see what you qualify for. In essence, your taxes are paying for it, so if you need it, get it!

  3. You need to hire an Attorney and see if there is a legal avenue to challenge, Michigan’s Sexual Offender Registration Statue as violating your reputation by placing you in a suspended category when all other Offenders are not treated as such… You also may need to look into the current Scheme Michigan has as there Sexual Offender Registry was just recently struck down and if it applies seek counsel and move to have your registration requirements removed…

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