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Corruption in Alabama county runs rampant

This is just another horror story of (From this point on, the entire contents must/will be considered ALLEGED/ALLEGEDLY acts,written words, inferred or not).. Where to start.. If you are unlucky enough to be set-up/arrested (I would tell you my particular story but**) and then found guilty, or forced to take a plea deal in a certain North Central Alabama County you have NO RECOURSE to get yourself out of this horror. When you are arrested, for the next week or so, your face/name/address will be on every TV news channel,TV website, radio station, flyer, community paper, etc. that can be notified. This is to poison the public to assure you will have no chance at a fair trial, you WILL lose your job, your “friends”, neighbors, anyone will treat you as though you have already been found guilty of ANY conceivable crime. When you finally get arraigned (The legal system here is ALLEGED/ALLEGEDLY controlled by the sheriff, and ALLEGED/ALLEGEDLY the…

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