1. Maestro

    Find an independent reporter like so many on YouTube and ask them if this is a story they’d be unafraid to bring to the forefront.
    Remind them that people’s tax dollars go into the pockets of these scumbags who we are supposed to trust. Their jobs are not to be bullies and mafia.

    • Johnny Anon

      HAHAHA>>> All the next paragraphs are alleged/allegedly to be true

      You have NO idea how long and deep the “arms” of this corrupt judicial system can reach!! – again..

      Jeff Sessions WILL NOT MESS WITH HIM!!!!!….Yea,, THAT Jeff Sessions…
      All the next paragraphs are alleged/allegedly – It starts when the DA realizes when the subject insist on a trial and MIGHT win..then their office lets this be known to the sheriff’s office and/or a certain local attorney .. the attorney then approaches the subject’s current attorney and the intimidation starts… they HAVE arrested state investigators and attorneys that were stupid enough to try to go against them!!! …. So some “chump investigative reporter” from another state is DOOMED as soon as they start inquiring!! They will get caught with meth, heroin, coke, marijuana(a felony in Alabama) and just disappear, get beat to hell and back while in jail, have a MEGA size bail set (the judges are in on this because this will happen to them too!!).. IF he is able to finally post bail, he will be “asked” to drop everything and disappear or told he WILL be found guilty!!.. and be assured of the MAXIMUM state prison sentence!!! …OR WORSE!! .. The (sheriff/da office) have very very deep pockets, the sheriff get the inmates food money .. also he became a multi-multi millionaire last year when he won 2 million dollars from a scratch off lottery ticket..(Kept off the TN Lottery website!!).. the county jail buys the inmate’s eggs from him (he got caught selling rotten eggs to the jail.. this got a A TINY amount of coverage because intimidation still works) a (self supporting income- a “triple dip” from the state/county). There is NO ONE that can bring this to light and do ANYTHING about the corruption. When its time for an election, the sheriff picks a couple of “his boys” to run against him… pays them and their campaign costs and KNOWS they cannot win..and this further dilutes the prospective field. Its a true mafia style cabal… there are dead “criminals” that can no longer testify to these facts!!!

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