1. Tod S

    I have heard people being denied entry into London and Ireland in the airports, I was not, and I entered twice. I am not sure if they look at the actual offense or what, but if there is any doubt, would fly into another schengen country and they take a train, or seperate flight – they usually don’t check passports within schengen countries – flying from Iceland to Amsterdam, they didn’t. Air travel is the most controlled, trains are easier – no gaurantees in any of them, do your homework.

  2. PG

    I’ve traveled to Germany, Switzerland, and France without issue. My offense isn’t even illegal there.

    Returning to the USA though was a nightmare and I was treated like a criminal. My passport was placed in a red bag and I was led to a secure detainment area in the inbound passport control area and questioned about my trip then eventually released.

    I haven’t traveled internationally since the new passport rules came into effect and my passport hasn’t been replaced with one bearing any mark.

  3. Maestro

    You mention being “out of the system”, does that mean you are off the registry or just off of supervision? Because the way I see it, if you’re out of the system entirely (fulfilled your registration time) why would you have to keep registering during travel?
    Could you elaborate on this a bit more?

    • Tod S

      I am no longer on probation and served my time, but due to SORNA, I have to continue to register for 10 years after I completed my term, which most have to do (maybe that might change with a major non ruling today by scotus). So as long as I have to register, I am required to notify of my international travel

  4. Fred

    That is very encouraging. We recently had a question from someone about this. I wish I had known to direct him to this article. Thank you for sharing. I hope to do some similar traveling in a few years.

  5. Bob

    Thank you for this info. I’m glad to see that there are so many places you can visit without worrying about being sent back (that’s my only worry, being sent back after all that flying and money spent) . I agree with you with some of the places that are troubling like Mexico. I’ve been there many times before and yes, at least to me it is not impressive at all and dont really care for it – as well as the other places you’ve mentioned. I’m glad Europe is pretty tolerant because thats where I want to go. Especially the places you’ve mentioned.

    I only have one question. You said you have been to London but give warning of the UK. I thought the entire UK was off limits and would send you back? Which of course, the UK includes London ? Unless you mean taking a train to the UK from Europe?

    Like you, I can’t wait as well untill all this crap is over and the registry dies. Nothing is forever and it will eventually meet its end. Hopefully sooner than later.

    • Fred

      I am wondering about that myself. I think he means take a train from Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK that you will already be in, into the Republic of Ireland, which is not part of the UK.

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