Seeking support for a tribal petition for rehearing

I would just like you all to read this petition and decide if you want to support it.

I was a young guy, had consensual sex with girls who couldn’t consent shortly after high school. I have worked with these girls in different buildings and one of them just wants to move on and not let it be the focus of her life. The other is willing to help me. They knew it was consensual. We weren’t drunk. We just hooked up and it was 2005. I was convicted in 2006.

I have never re-offended, and I won’t. I just need some moral support because even with a religious upbringing my mother doesn’t even want to revisit it. She won’t even help me contact legal help.

I was supposed to be off by the age of 45, but now I am placed in a tier 3 which I didn’t agree to, they just told me have way through my sentence.

I can’t live near a school. I can barely find people who take chances on me for jobs. I have worked in the casino, bars, cocktail lounges. My friends all know I am not who I am labeled as.

I just want someone to hear my story and hopefully it inspires younger adults to really think about what they are getting themselves into.

Thank you.

1 thought on “Seeking support for a tribal petition for rehearing

  1. I have since closed this petition, in wake of recent SCOTUS ruling that will hopefully get my life back. I appreciate all who read my story.

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