Mother & daughter duo wreak havoc on unsuspecting men

Years ago, long before we met, my boyfriend went to a club with friends where you had to be 21-years-old or older and carded at the door in order to be allowed in. He met a girl and her “sister” that night in the club. After a few drinks, he and the girl left and fooled around.

About a month later, police knocked on his door and asked him if her knew the girl, he said “Yes, I met her a while back.” They placed him under arrest for having sex with a minor. Turns out she was 16 with a fake ID and her “sister” was actually her mother.

When my boyfriend went to court, he was there with 6 other guys that this mother/daughter duo pulled the same trick on. They did it to sue them all and get money. Rather than the mother getting in trouble for basically pimping her daughter out, all of these guys were charged with Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile and had to pay restitution, jail time and register as sex offenders. There should be a law against this type of act. I’d love to lobby this and get these type of convictions either thrown out or have them not be made to register as sex offenders.

These type of situations happen ALL the time.

The girl lied and the person at the club, who is trained to spot fake IDs, didn’t do his job and it ended in years of embarrassment, depression, unnecessary judgment and crappy jobs because of the felony that he was charged with. My boyfriend wasn’t out seeking underage girls or fondling, raping and molesting children, yet he’s lumped into the same category with people who have committed such crimes. He had never been in trouble before that and never again after that. He has three beautiful children that he can’t take trick-or-treating. His kids can’t have sleepovers and neighbors shun him. It’s truly sad. I just wish something could be done in these type of situations.

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  1. this is very similar to what my fiance went through!!!!! The mother pushed the daughter into pushing charges, even though what they were doing was consensual, and because he’s a gentleman, he apologized for making her feel uncomfortable as soon as she told him- which is an admittance of guilt. Had he not apologized, he may have been able to avoid charges and the registry… but because he’s a gentleman…

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