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Promised a cruise. Stuck with a Kia.

By Scott . . . On March 28, 2017 I drove onto the lot of Faccillo Affiliates of Florida Inc. with the intent of buying an automobile. I chose Faccillo because he had been advertising for a couple months that you get a free cruise if you buy Kia from him. It sounded like a really great deal so I signed the papers. I also want to take Robert, my new paramour, on this cruise. We’d be able to get to know about each other. Drove away with my new Kia and cruise tickets. Supposed to leave December 3rd and be gone for four days and four nights. I purchased a 2016 Kia Soul that had 458 miles on it vehicle purchase price was $16,685. (I did not have a trade-in) There were additional charges such as tax, title transfer, and I also bought a service agreement. This brought the balance to $20,901.33. I received a rebate of $3,250 and…

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Social media vigilantes out RSO to his contact lists

By Todd . . . Hello NARSOL, after reading the latest blog, I wanted to tell you about a true story of someone I know who has gone thru something similar, what I am calling ‘Internet Vigilantism’. My goal is to help those in the same situation, prevent them from making the same bad choices, and let them know they are not alone. This might be a good spot for Tales, but use it how you wish. Here is the story, tweaked things a little for privacy, etc. ‘John’ has been off probation for about 4 years and still must register annually, but has been active in the community, volunteering, traveling and rebuilding a new network of friends/relationships. A big part of that was a social media site where he was able to connect and stay connected with family, new friends, people he met locally and from all his travels. As an RSO, finding new friends and groups to be…

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Sex offenders unfit to donate plasma?

My son is a sex offender because of pictures at the age of 17. Opening emails sent to him. He will be registered for 25 years! A “no sex” sex offender. He has had a very hard time finding a job now at the age of 21. He finally lands a job and needs to have clothes so he decides to sell his plasma. On top of everything this unfair registry does, he was refused to sell plasma because he is a sex offender? This is ridiculous! Take it from anyone, but not a sex offender! What a great country we live in. When will this stupidity stop? I am angry and crushed. Not to mention what it did to him. – Nena ( tweetybrighteyes1@yahoo.com )

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Mother & daughter duo wreak havoc on unsuspecting men

Years ago, long before we met, my boyfriend went to a club with friends where you had to be 21-years-old or older and carded at the door in order to be allowed in. He met a girl and her “sister” that night in the club. After a few drinks, he and the girl left and fooled around. About a month later, police knocked on his door and asked him if her knew the girl, he said “Yes, I met her a while back.” They placed him under arrest for having sex with a minor. Turns out she was 16 with a fake ID and her “sister” was actually her mother. When my boyfriend went to court, he was there with 6 other guys that this mother/daughter duo pulled the same trick on. They did it to sue them all and get money. Rather than the mother getting in trouble for basically pimping her daughter out, all of these guys were…

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It’s not really so hard to travel internationally as a registrant

I see a lot of doom and gloom on RSOL and travel horror stories, but I want to tell you, RSO’s CAN travel around the world. I have been out of the system for over 3 years and since then, have traveled to 7 different countries! Who cares if you can’t go to Mexico (one of the most corrupt country in the world and dangerous) or Canada (not much different than the US anyways, even if you didn’t have to register, your conviction is a lifetime ban), Dominican Republic, Japan, S Korea, Thailand, and several others are NOT worth even thinking about. Several cruise lines do background checks too, so make sure you find out before you book. If you have family, or something like that, different story, I am talking about LIVING and enjoying life on holiday! I have been to; London (saw Wimbledon), Czech Republic (did a 4 day mountain bike stage race), Switzerland (saw the big fountain…

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