1. Jonathon

    Fat chance finding a lawya in floridah that will stick his neck out for someone on the registry that society and the justice system have legally classified as unredeemable deplorables.

  2. Clear it up

    Something about this story is not adding up. You have a “new paramour” named Robert, whom you need to get to know better during the cruise. Yet, you have a ‘legally married spouse’ named Bobbey or Bobby?
    What is this asking who ‘Bobby’ is ?
    Are Robert and Bobbey the same person? Are you a same sex couple? Are you a swinger? Something just is not making any sense here with your story.
    Cruises are stupid wastes of time anyway. Get your money back and do something productive with your time instead of idolizing the idea of hedonism for a vacation.

    • Todd S

      What kind of advice/support is this? Something does not add up. Perhaps you need to try to appear that you support this organization. But this type of a comment can only come from a non supporter and should be banned

  3. Chuckie P

    Royal Caribbean does not allow registered offenders on their cruises. I also received notice 3 days before a cruise (in 2016) that I would not be permitted. However, RC did refund all my money. I think their Security Group simply rejects all SOR’s.

  4. Byron

    Of course they can do this to you. You are under the misconception that registered sex offenders have rights.

    • d

      You know what Byron I don’t think I could have said it better myself. I also think this applies to non-registered citizens as well just not to such a degree that it is totally obvious.

  5. Maestro

    Your offense was from 1983 and they’re holding it against you now only because it involves that horrible thing we call “sex”.
    Sell the car, hire an attorney and sue their asses off. Make sure your attorney asks them in court, in front of the judge, if they would have denied a former bank robber or drunk driver that caused someone’s injury or death. Make them sweat!

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