Stay positive and keep fighting!

By Chris . . . In 2013, I was convicted of having consensual sex with a 27 y/o adult. I was a probation officer having a mental break down and she was on probation with my department.

I was on her probation officer when the relationship occurred. I didn’t have power over her, nor did I intimidate her into doing anything she didn’t want to do. But here we are. The government apparently has nothing better to do than to worry about what two consenting adults are doing in a bedroom.

The judge thankfully realized the uniqueness of what occurred and I received two years of probation. I underwent a sex offender evaluation and was determined to have not be a danger or have any behaviors requiring S.O. treatment.

But I still had to register as a sex offender. My state has one of the more lenient registration laws in the country. Of course sex offender laws are really intended to keep child predators from harming children, right?

So being the dangerous public menace I am, I cannot take my son to watch a high school basketball or football game. But I can take him to the school playground on a Sunday when school is out to play basketball. So I cannot go to the school when children are supervised but I can go when children may be running around the school yards on the weekend without their parents. Does that make sense to anyone? It is the definition of insanity.

Now I get to pay $40 every time I want to report any change to the sheriff’s office. Nothing like squeezing money out of people who have problems finding meaningful employment because of how we have been labeled. Name one other situation in which you have to pay someone, anyone, to report an address change or e-mail change? If this is not punishment, I do not know what is.

Employment has been a huge problem since this happened. I couldn’t even get a job at Kmart. When they won’t hire you, you know you are in trouble. Finally I’ve resorted to starting my own business which has had mixed results so far.

I’m tired of sitting on my hands waiting for something to change. I do not have any money, but I do have a voice. I’m going to form a group in my state to advocate for changes to the criminal justice system which include getting rid of sex offender registration. I’m smart, communicate well and fearless. Maybe I can use that all to my advantage to help with some kind of change.

It is a matter of time until we all win this fight. Keep your heads up. Stay positive and keep fighting. We will overcome this soon.

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