1. Maestro

    “The government apparently has nothing better to do than to worry about what two consenting adults are doing in a bedroom.”

    And Probation Officers have nothing better to do than earn their paychecks by being the government’s legalized bully system. Now you’re getting a taste of your own medicine because if you had been the P.O. for someone else with a similar case as yours, you’d put ALL the same restrictions on them as they’ve put on you.

    “I’m going to form a group in my state to advocate for changes to the criminal justice system which include getting rid of sex offender registration. ”

    Why not also form a group to petition to get ride of the probation department? Being that you worked there once, you know first hand that it’s a waste of tax payer money and you cannot and do not “monitor” your clients 24/7. Even with ankle monitors, you wouldn’t know if your client is snorting cocaine but you’ll see on the monitor that he’s at home so you feel “safe”.
    Another thing you are well aware of is that if a person refused a short prison term with probation to follow, they can. And they can opt for a longer prison term with NO probation to follow. If everyone did that, your buddies at the probation office would be out of a job. There is no law that REQUIRES that a judge add probation to ANY conviction.

    Part of me doesn’t feel sorry for you. Now you see how the probation dept is nothing but a bully system just WAITING for a dumb reason to violate people. And many times, if they can’t find a reason, they’ll fabricate one and they know the judge will side with them because they are working for the courts.

  2. Seems like a he said she said ordeal and the man got weak, when in fact they are the ones’ that suppose to guide and do what the courts say. Mingling with those under your probation authority is going to get one in trouble. Now from what I know about probation officers they are only servants that to take their orders from the judge and while its your discretion to measure out discipline or rules she overcame you with her sexual charms.
    I don’t know who’s plan it was but we are all weak in area’s. This is an example for all of us. While this is a different scenario than those duped up in internet offenses or on hand offenses it is still up to the discretion of the judge. I think you were lucky as it could have been worse.

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