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Promised a cruise. Stuck with a Kia.

By Scott . . . On March 28, 2017 I drove onto the lot of Faccillo Affiliates of Florida Inc. with the intent of buying an automobile. I chose Faccillo because he had been advertising for a couple months that you get a free cruise if you buy Kia from him. It sounded like a really great deal so I signed the papers. I also want to take Robert, my new paramour, on this cruise. We’d be able to get to know about each other. Drove away with my new Kia and cruise tickets. Supposed to leave December 3rd and be gone for four days and four nights. I purchased a 2016 Kia Soul that had 458 miles on it vehicle purchase price was $16,685. (I did not have a trade-in) There were additional charges such as tax, title transfer, and I also bought a service agreement. This brought the balance to $20,901.33. I received a rebate of $3,250 and…

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Cruel and very unusual

By Mike . . . I was tricked onto the Florida registry in 1997 when I took a plea for a sex charge for a consensual sexual relationship with a minor. Yeah, I did it. I knew her age also….I’m not like everybody else that makes the excuse they thought she was older, but so did her parents, and they knew my age as well. I was liked by everyone, and the parents never cared about me dating their daughter up to the age of 25. I was very immature, but I never hurt anyone, period. Anyway when they finally told me I was a sex offender, right before I got off probation, I found myself on the Florida sex offender website after the media was telling everyone and anyone to go look at their sex offender neighbors. I saw the word DANGER! above my head with 2 sirens flashing around. I felt like I had been mentally raped of my…

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