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Cruel and very unusual

By MikeĀ . . . I was tricked onto the Florida registry in 1997 when I took a plea for a sex charge for a consensual sexual relationship with a minor. Yeah, I did it. I knew her age also….I’m not like everybody else that makes the excuse they thought she was older, but so did her parents, and they knew my age as well. I was liked by everyone, and the parents never cared about me dating their daughter up to the age of 25. I was very immature, but I never hurt anyone, period. Anyway when they finally told me I was a sex offender, right before I got off probation, I found myself on the Florida sex offender website after the media was telling everyone and anyone to go look at their sex offender neighbors. I saw the word DANGER! above my head with 2 sirens flashing around. I felt like I had been mentally raped of my…

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