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Social media vigilantes out RSO to his contact lists

By Todd . . . Hello NARSOL, after reading the latest blog, I wanted to tell you about a true story of someone I know who has gone thru something similar, what I am calling ‘Internet Vigilantism’. My goal is to help those in the same situation, prevent them from making the same bad choices, and let them know they are not alone. This might be a good spot for Tales, but use it how you wish. Here is the story, tweaked things a little for privacy, etc. ‘John’ has been off probation for about 4 years and still must register annually, but has been active in the community, volunteering, traveling and rebuilding a new network of friends/relationships. A big part of that was a social media site where he was able to connect and stay connected with family, new friends, people he met locally and from all his travels. As an RSO, finding new friends and groups to be…

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Outed on Social Media

By Sona . . . I am a therapist treating sex offenders on probation and parole. I have a client who recently tearfully told me that several people are posting his registration photo and information on Facebook and harassing him in this way. He is not allowed on social media and cannot respond to this harassment. Friends have told him about the posts and I was able to find one of them fairly easily. I’ve been thinking about ways I can intervene but so far every idea I have is loaded with potential hazards.

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