1. Joe luera

    Against the law [ harrassment] . What a joke, I am on the registry ,have been since the beginning, I am constantly harassed by a jerk who gets away with it because (LAPD) let’s him get away it regardless of how many incidents have taken place( to date 14 incidents)

  2. Maestro

    I’d start by publicly responding to these people in the actual Facebook thread and ask how many of them have skeletons that they wouldn’t want anyone to know about.
    How many of the men have ever brushed up against a woman ON PURPOSE at a night club or tried to get a woman drunk enough to agree to go home with them?
    And how many women have ‘come on’ to men in the same fashion? I’ve been to plenty of night clubs and I’ve seen it all. And if these people were ever SEEN by someone in law enforcement, they’d all be singing the blues at the end of the day.
    Every person who is bad mouthing the guy on social media has skeletons and should probably shut up.

  3. Jerry P.

    In most states its against the law to do this… Although I can see “most states” not inforcing this law. It usually states on the Sex Offender Web Site it is illegal to harrass , etc

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