1. GetADamnAttorney

    There are laws that go with this kind of stuff if she wasn’t supposed to change your end date for no reason you need to, or at least should have, hired an attorney to get this fixed. This is serious shit—and I’m not even a sex offender.

    That would be like a judge changing your maximum release date from 2 years to 20 on a whim; it doesn’t happen and if the judge oversteps their boundary they have re-sentencing hearings.

  2. Jonny everyman

    You need to take responsibility for what you did. All you did was blame others for your sins.

    The registry is unfair but refusing to take responsibility just support the rediculous argument that it’s necessary.

    • Mike something

      Jonny, you can not make that comment without knowing what this individual has gone through. Have you been on the same situation before?

      • gerri

        Jonny, I agree with Mike. You have no right to judge someone like that. People make mistakes. Have you never not made one? My son was 21 and the girl was almost 16. He thought she was older. The morning after having sex, she went to her mother and told her she was pregnant with HIS baby. Of course, she had an abortion right away and we could not prove it was not his. His mother pursued my son and his life is ruined because of the registry.

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