1. D.S.

    These laws are ridiculous!! I have to register for life because this girl lied about her age and sent some nudes to my phone in which I never asked for. This guy stole my phone and seen the pictures and turned it in to police. (Not knowing the girl was lying about her age) A month later I get a knock on the door and it’s the police and he had my phone in is hand. He went to the picture and asked if I know this girl. I said YES that’s the girl who lied about her age!! Mind y’all I never met this girl until she followed me around just to APOLOGIZE for what she had done. She was having sex with guys twice her age!! She was 15. So I was told to plead guilty to child pornography and electronic solicitation of a minor and now I have to register as a SO for life!! Someone needs to change these laws ASAP

  2. Devin

    I was in a similar situation. I’m 26 now, and I’m still registering for a crime I committed from 12 to 14.
    My whole life, all I’ve known is this same shit. And the time lines are very similar.
    Now I’m stuck using the beach as an address, I’ve never had a steady job, and I have two kids of my own now, whom I can’t even support because I’m a virtual exile.
    Now I can’t even drive to the only place I can find to legally live.
    Sell this story to the media!
    “Law Enforcement Mother has to Register Own Son as Sex Offender”
    Mothers everywhere will be squawking.
    This is just one of many traumas sex offender registration causes.
    The Emperor has no clothes when it comes to SORNA. It’s just a modern witch hunt.
    Just go public with it. The squeaky wheel will get the grease, and who knows, the governor might just give him a pardon and take him off the registry.

  3. Michael S Goodman

    Even if a juvenile has offended, it is ALWAYS important for parents to realize that they MUST NEVER cooperate with law-enforcement, because of the absolute adversarial “nature” of the criminal “justice” system.
    Parents may think that they are “teaching their juvenile a lesson”, but all they are really accomplishing is to foul up their future.

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