Lovebird nightmare and plea for help

I was convicted of 2nd degree sexual assault in Missouri in 1987 at the age of 17 for having consensual sex with my 14-yr-old girlfriend. I was sent to prison for 5 yrs. Needless to say, prison was not good for me. I ended up doing 12 yrs as a result of other criminal convictions. The last 4 1/2 yrs I spent in isolation confinement, 24 hrs day, in Arkansas, because of my mental disorders (Bipolar and PTSD, undiagnosed at the time).

I finally made it out and have been out now for over ten years, have obtained Bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology, graduating from NMSU in 2014 with University Honors for my published research, “Long Term Isolation Confinement and Mental Health”. I have been clean and sober almost 9 yrs now. Yet all this reform has resulted in me being homeless and jobless on the streets in Portland, Oregon.

I am told by my registry officers that I can be relieved of the requirement to register here if THEY equate my offense in Missouri to a class C felony or better here… yet I have been here over a year and a half and they have done NOTHING to bring this about. SORNA federal statutes state that if we are between the ages of 13 and 19, it is not even an offense now. Missouri has changed their laws so that the charge of 2nd degree sexual assault doesn’t even exist on their books now.

I have filed a motion to be taken off the registry with Missouri, but they sent it back to me telling me I had to obtain an attorney. Not only is this not true, I may file ANY THING pro se, but my degree gives me the knowledge to do so and my motion was flawless. So, I continue to sit on the streets with no job or home, in a vehicle Portland says I cant live in a truck with a camper in the bed (if it was a car, it would be a different story altogether). I am required to register here and federally for a crime that not only doesn’t exist any longer, but that is 30-yrs-old! I was eligible for removal from the registry TWENTY YEARS AGO!!

I am now 47-yrs-old and my life has been wasted, even though I have done EVERYTHING to try and fix it. I rehabilitated myself from the other criminal and violent ways I lived in the past. (This after being beat nearly to death by 9 black officers in Arkansas while handcuffed and shackled in the hole. I was choked unconscious three times in a row and told each time that he was trying to kill me. Six months later I left prison for good.)

I am on medication for my mental disorders. I am a model citizen, but society doesn’t care. I am afraid I will end in a very bad way eventually. No one will help me, no one cares. I live a nightmare I cannot wake from. I am alone in this word, except for my service animal, Tutti Marie, the one saving grace in my life. When she is gone, so am I. This is my last shot in the dark.

– David

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  1. if real, look into other states, others might let you off sooner. You found a way to post this online, do that research for all 50 states online.

    If you are homeless in a vehicle, just be willing to move said vehicle.

  2. I can tell from a distance you are missing a few facts. There is no change that makes it FEDERALLY no longer a crime. State laws vary wildly. I Have a similar degree. Trust me on this.

    You having other convictions and mental illness makes them more concerned too. It just does. Statistically it increases the odds you’ll do something and need to be tracked (even if not sex related, but that is the legal tool they have to use, so they will use it)

    Also, the laws still exist man. Here they are for MO
    First Degree Statutory Rape

    Statutory rape is a crime based on the age of the victim. If you have sexual intercourse with someone under the age of 14, regardless of consent, you will be charged with a felony that carries up to a life sentence and no less than five years. If the act results in serious physical injury, if a weapon is used, if there is more than one offender, or if the victim is under the age of 12, that sentence is increased to 10 years to life.

    Second Degree Statutory Rape

    You could be facing charges of second degree statutory rape if you are 21 years or older and you have sexual intercourse with someone who is less than 17 years old. This is considered a Class C Felony and is punishable by up to 7 years in prison.

    So…….she was either YOUNGER than you are saying( maybe turned 14 after the relationship was alleged to have started) or you were OLDER(maybe you started younger and it continued to the age needed). That or there was (at least the allegation of) force or coercion. If you had mental illness you might not have understood that part. You might have seen things different than she did. I recommend you re-read your file.

  3. Go get a job at a factory or at least donate plasma until you have enough $ to hire a attorney to file the motion for you. I know it sucks but no matter how “flawless” you think it is they can, and obviously will, reject your motion if it is not 100% completed how they see it to be complete. One misspelled word and they can say “nope”.

    Your situation is not hopeless based on your statements here. Even when you file the motion it can take up to a year but whats a year for the rest of your life? Once your off the registry life will be 100x easier…

    1. Hello, and thank you for responding to me.
      I am a native American man who is a prisoner of war as well as a man living in a hell that most see fit for me.
      I’m a prisoner in my home land with so much historical trauma for generations past.
      I am proud of who I am and I love my life and my children so much.
      I wish to be a father and most important, a human being in my home land but the false laws that exist keep me at bay because I am from a long line of family that has been mistreated and lied to along with betrayed by the government..
      I believe I deserve peace in my life and I have so much to offer so many who struggle as I do and wish to spread my knowledge but I’m unable to because of the control they put on me with laws that are now being noticed to be unconstitutional..
      How much more do I have to go through to be viewed as a human being and that all I want is to be treated fairly in my home land?

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