One RSO’s experience: Int’l travel problems occur when returning to USA

By John . . . I was told FRIGHTFUL stories how we RSOs can never travel again internationally….wrong!!! We CAN get Passports albeit they will have a mark that the world community knows that we are RSOs. I have my original not expiring until 2021 so I’m traveling as much as possible before I get my “scarlet letter”. I recently spent over $1,000 as an experiment to see if we RSOs can get into Central America. I was able to travel to Belize, Guatemala and Honduras for 2 weeks with NO PROBLEMS!!! Mexico is OUT—they won’t let us in. But guys PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY—- DO NOT BE A DOUSCH BAG AND GO DOWN THERE AND COMMIT A CRIME, ESPECIALLY A SEX OFFENSE!!  It just takes ONE knucklehead to mess it up for EVERYBODY!!!! (and their prisons ARE NOT like ours, they are TERROR ZONES!!) They didn’t even ask of my past, just stamped me in (asked why i was there as all get asked, I just said VACATION!). HOWEVER—the good ole USA harassed me coming back into the States. The Agent was respectful but, none the less, pulled me into a room and asked why I went to Central America since I’m an RSO. I just smiled and said, vacation!!!!! He searched my bags and let me go. We MUST obey the laws, but we CAN travel!!! I have been to the British Virgin Isles, Puerto Rico, Japan, Thailand and Cambodia with NO problems. Canada is out also. Each time I received harassment FROM RETURNING INTO THE USA by the TSA and IMMIGRATION OF THE USA. NEVER the host countries I was visiting, THEY DON’T EVEN CARE!! Again, PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS SLIM PRIVILEGE WE HAVE AT THE MOMENT!! ONE crime can ruin it FOR ALL OF US!! Now go travel and have a GOOD time!! I will continue to post my experiences as funds allow to help all of us. Oh yeah we can get into the Bahamas also!

2 thoughts on “One RSO’s experience: Int’l travel problems occur when returning to USA

  1. You said you went to Puerto Rico for international travel. It’s my understanding that Puerto Rico is a United states territory, and am wondering if it actually falls under the statutes of IML. I’m planning to go there in a couple months and would like to know a little bit about the specific process you followed for travel to Puerto Rico since it is still part of the US.

    1. You should have absolutely no problems. Puerto rico does not require a passport and they would have no way of knowing your issues. I would just check the registry requirements there to make sure how long you can stay without having to register. Each state (or territory) is different.

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