Sex offenders unfit to donate plasma?

My son is a sex offender because of pictures at the age of 17. Opening emails sent to him. He will be registered for 25 years! A “no sex” sex offender. He has had a very hard time finding a job now at the age of 21. He finally lands a job and needs to have clothes so he decides to sell his plasma. On top of everything this unfair registry does, he was refused to sell plasma because he is a sex offender? This is ridiculous! Take it from anyone, but not a sex offender! What a great country we live in. When will this stupidity stop? I am angry and crushed. Not to mention what it did to him.

– Nena ( )

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  1. I know here in Pennsylvania they have been fighting against the registry for awhile and had a few victories.
    That is the major one that shook ALOT up here. I feel for everyone of you with this BS registry. I also had a CP case and recieved 10 yrs on it, but they did try to switch it on me twice. I took them to court over it and won.
    Keep your head up and never stop chugging along.

    OH by the way….statistically over 90% of all sex cases are committed by first time offenders… WHAT is the registry really protecting the public from?!?

  2. Am in Illinois, RSO, on parole for LIFE and registry for LIFE on a case of domestic violence. My ex claimed I forced her, I pled out to 4 years (came with a hidden LIFE SENTENCE plus LIFETIME REGISTRY). In the end it turns out the PD and Asst. States Att. knew she was lying because the doctors were unable to find evidence of any sexual contact between us. State said they had DNA evidence in order to make me sign plea deal. Once signed, after 45 days, the deal is permanent and you can’t appeal it.
    For the individual who claims that CP don’t get life, go take a hike. I was in Court with a few CP “no sex” sex offenders, they all received LIFETIME REGISTRY.
    My prayers go out to all who were innocent of your charges. And to those who weren’t innocent, get good with God, your going to need Him in the end.

  3. for you who just did pics, most states aren’t life (please stop the lies, we can check) so you either had a shit ton that you shared, or are in a super shitty place and need to move. Most states are 10 years for pics. Odds are you are halfway done by end of probation. Move there. Or stop the lies. Not hard. F#$k

    1. You are speaking of state penalties. Many, if not most, CP offenses are tried in the federal courts, and federal sentencing guidelines are highly disproportionate for this offense.

      1. thank you Sandy. when i tell anyone what my son’s sentence is…(not to mention life probation, life counseling, and life registry) that he will be a middle aged man when he is released from federal prison..they want to know ‘what else’ he did…..because the sentence is heinous. fed is not 5 to 10.. it is 15-20 for cp.

      2. This is my situation. I’m on for life for pictures because of the federal punishment.

    2. Well, I guess it’s the State we live in. I was with my son every step of the way. Sex offences are Federal and felony regardless of what it is or what she they are. You sir, appear to be a very angry man.

    3. Actully, you need to do some research. One, I don’t think there is any state that has a 10 yr listing. I’m from NY, one conviction for child pornography and as a level 1 ( low risk) I’m on it for 20 years. Level 2 and 3 here are on for life. During a visit to Florida last year, I did the right thing and reported my presence to them and now am on Florida’s registry for LIFE and my crime was not committed there. So yes, lifetime registration is possible for CP. Also, not all CP go to federal court. Back in 2008 (when I was convicted) it would only become a mandatory federal case if there were more than 7 images were found.

    4. Florida is LIFE, No matter what the crime was !! If your required to Register, You will do it for LIFE in Florida !! As well as several other states !! So, Maybe this person isn’t lying !!!

    5. I am on the registry in Idaho and must agree that the requirements are difficult. I was released in 2017 and have been on parole for 2 and a half years. Im 28 now and will be registered for life. Just know that it is possible to live a happy life on registry. Keep supporting and encouraging your son. I know I live in one of the easier states to be an s.o. but God will provide.

      1. Jesse you are right im from missouri and have to register for life yes i have some problems but been out going on 3 years now. rather be out here then in prison. and my charge was from AR.

    6. I just found out that I can’t donate blood or plasma in Louisiana because I am a sex offender because someone lied and said I touched their ass. When I was told that I couldn’t donate my plasma because I am a sex offender I was completely crushed. Its hard enough trying to find a job and get housing, and now I find out that I can’t even sell my plasma or donate blood.

      1. Bio Life will permanently defer offenders. CSL Plasma does not screen for offenders. Maybe there is a CSL near you.

  4. It varies by company but the main reason is that they have daycares for donors. In some states its THE LAW to stay away from there (you’d go to prison) but others its just policy. It also is an insurance thing. Its not just them hating you.

  5. I was convicted as a “no sex” offender too. I got in trouble because of some pictures as well and I will be on the register for life!!!! A girl lied about her age and sent some pictures of her self nude. And she gets to live the rest of her life and not go through this because she is the “so called” victim. This has got to stop

    1. I agree it has to stop! But noone will help! No lawyers will help either until it happens to one of their own!

  6. How exactly does a plasma center even FIND OUT you are on the registry???? They dont do criminal background checks for plasma donation…..

      1. That is what happened to me. I moved back to Alabama for a while and got the “criminal sex offender” in scarlet letters stamped on my license.

        When I went to donate plasma, they made up an excuse as to why my blood was unworthy, and even placed me on the national do not donate registry (or whatever they call it).

    1. “how”, well 1. They can straight up ask.
      2. Its expensive to do a real background check, but not the registry. Super quick, free, and simple, and fast
      3. Just google someones names and you can quickly see often if they are on it without even going to the registry itself. Even those off of it are often still on mugshots, homefacts, etc.

      holy shit that was easy

  7. I sympathize with you Nena. I too, have two sons who at 19 and 20, while still attending college, were arrested for basically the same thing. “No sex” sex offenders, their lives have been and continue to be turned upside down. They move on at a snails pace because of this. Since 2003 they have been suffering and I do not know what challenges they will continue to face in 2024 when they get off the registry. Our life has been a nightmare with no sun in sight. My prayers go out to you and your son…stay strong, have faith.

    1. Thank you and prayers for your sons. My faith in God has held us up in this nightmare. My son will be 43 years old when he gets off the registry. Along with this group and the power of our creator, this registry will end and stop destroying lives.

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