1. D.S.

    I was convicted as a “no sex” offender too. I got in trouble because of some pictures as well and I will be on the register for life!!!! A girl lied about her age and sent some pictures of her self nude. And she gets to live the rest of her life and not go through this because she is the “so called” victim. This has got to stop

  2. david c

    How exactly does a plasma center even FIND OUT you are on the registry???? They dont do criminal background checks for plasma donation…..

  3. I sympathize with you Nena. I too, have two sons who at 19 and 20, while still attending college, were arrested for basically the same thing. “No sex” sex offenders, their lives have been and continue to be turned upside down. They move on at a snails pace because of this. Since 2003 they have been suffering and I do not know what challenges they will continue to face in 2024 when they get off the registry. Our life has been a nightmare with no sun in sight. My prayers go out to you and your son…stay strong, have faith.

    • Nena

      Thank you and prayers for your sons. My faith in God has held us up in this nightmare. My son will be 43 years old when he gets off the registry. Along with this group and the power of our creator, this registry will end and stop destroying lives.

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