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The registry is the most ridiculous, unfair law

My son was recently placed on the sex offenders list in NC. He accepted a plea to prevent the scary thought of maybe losing a trial that would send him to prison for a long time. He was 21 when he made a bad judgement call with an older woman who he trusted to the end. She got afraid that her grown children (my son’s age and older) would find out about her being with my son so she hollered rape on him. She was 51, by the way!!! My Son was the child in this situation, but none the less, he’s is the one charged and suffering this sex offenders list. He has an 8-year-old, little girl he has been raising as his own for 3 years. He does all the good Daddy stuff, helps coach her softball team, is at every game, takes her skating and she really needed him in her life. When he was placed on…

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