The registry is the most ridiculous, unfair law

My son was recently placed on the sex offenders list in NC. He accepted a plea to prevent the scary thought of maybe losing a trial that would send him to prison for a long time. He was 21 when he made a bad judgement call with an older woman who he trusted to the end. She got afraid that her grown children (my son’s age and older) would find out about her being with my son so she hollered rape on him. She was 51, by the way!!! My Son was the child in this situation, but none the less, he’s is the one charged and suffering this sex offenders list.

He has an 8-year-old, little girl he has been raising as his own for 3 years. He does all the good Daddy stuff, helps coach her softball team, is at every game, takes her skating and she really needed him in her life. When he was placed on the registry, he was told there was no problem with her continuing to live in his home. Well guess what?? Yesterday, his PO told him he could not live there with this child and he could not even return home to get any clothes. He is the homeowner and provides for his girlfriend and her child. He had no where to go, just like that. I do not live near him so he could not come to my house.

This registry is the most ridiculous unfair law in the US!!! How do we get something done about the hurt it places on children.. It certainly is not protecting this child and many others in the same situation. I know the future of my son has been greatly damaged and there’s nothing I can do about it but try to join others in the fight against the Registry.

Please anyone let me know what I can do to help fight!!!

-Heartbroken mom

4 thoughts on “The registry is the most ridiculous, unfair law

  1. Wow Heart Broken Mom that is a bit of a upsetting dilemna but I’m sure things will be ok, a lot of us just need to be patient. Things would be sinple if we didn’t have problems but helping others is good to bring a family together again. Sure women can yell rape on anyone that goes overboard these days. Nothing wrong with petting and what a but if it does go too far one should get married. From how you discribed this ordeal the woman was a bit overbearing to even yeal rape. Another gril friend came into the scene I would suppose and that seemed like not a very good mixture… The girl friend your son and his daughter if I follow your story right.
    If that girl friend is not that 51 yr old lady than if him and his girlfriend got married that would settle the whole thing or she could come over at times. Everyone needs some kind of compaionship around their own age but if someone hollows rape it seems thats a lady’s defense and at times that might not be the case. I wonder if the verse those without sin case the first stone are worthy of merit today. Research is good and Narsol can help in some of those out with ordeals like as well as others giving good advice and help whats a mother to do. With your problem the main thing is to love your Son and granddaughter and don’t be shy speak up about all this as I’m sure other mom’s are going thru this issue as well. A little bit of the good book is good but it seems police want to over ride things today with any of this sex registry issue.

  2. Take this to court, and file a suit against the probation dept as well. His charges and conviction had nothing to do with children.

  3. Thank you Frank. My son was able to go back home for now anyway. I have faith and I believe that everything happens for a reason even though we don’t always understand. I will continue to stay involved in the fight for justice.

  4. Well, like I did, you may want to start doing research. There are many court documents that show how we are standing up for our rights as fathers mothers and human beings and as long as we keep pushing and climb together we can stop this injustice happening to us all..
    Thank you for caring, and I wish I can offer you more but my prayers are with you all.
    It may seem like it will never end but when a law is created out if false reasons just to please the public to get more votes, that deception will soon come to the surface and fall..
    I believe!! You need to as well.
    Your companion Frank.

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