1. Sheila

    Thank you Frank. My son was able to go back home for now anyway. I have faith and I believe that everything happens for a reason even though we don’t always understand. I will continue to stay involved in the fight for justice.

  2. Frank

    Well, like I did, you may want to start doing research. There are many court documents that show how we are standing up for our rights as fathers mothers and human beings and as long as we keep pushing and climb together we can stop this injustice happening to us all..
    Thank you for caring, and I wish I can offer you more but my prayers are with you all.
    It may seem like it will never end but when a law is created out if false reasons just to please the public to get more votes, that deception will soon come to the surface and fall..
    I believe!! You need to as well.
    Your companion Frank.

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