1. linda shedlock

    Paul, I belive that some of these P O ‘s get the power and it goes to their heads ! Do what you have to survive .People make mistakes and do some stupid things without thinking . Don’y put yourself down . If you feel that you have a behavior that needs working on get some help ! Don’t go the rest of your life blaming yourself because other people can’t see life past their own noses. Good luck to you and keep your head held high !

  2. Maestro

    I don’t like how you insult yourself by saying you work with the elderly to “avoid being around potential victims”… Dude, the legal age of consent is 16 in 27 states and the rest are 17 and 18. So I’m guessing N.M.’s age of consent is 18. Therefore, your alleged “victim” would not be a victim in CT or NY. So why are you downing yourself and overly explaining yourself?
    Oh, because someone might accuse you of “minimizing the offense”? The same offense that would not be an offense in most other states? Yeah. That offense.
    I don’t feel pity for someone’s who is brainwashed into believing they are a “predator” seeking out other “potential victims” when the so-called victim is a post pubescent teenager who’s legally able to operate a motor vehicle.
    John Walsh was in his mid 20’s when he met the woman who would become his wife and she was 17. So what are you being so apologetic for?

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