AWA Prevents Immigration of Family

originally posted 4/3/2009

Maybe you folks can get something done about the Adam Walsh act that prevents me from bringing my family to America to live.

I was falsely accused 20 years ago by my 14 year old step daughter of molesting her, but it was lies on me out of revenge because I told her mother about catching her in a three way orgy, and her mother slapped her in her mouth busting her lip. Like a fool I was advised to take a plea bargain because I had a prior felony for writing a forged check when I was about 22. I was threatened long prison if I went before a jury and they found me guilty  The DA and court appointed lawyer said they would probably agree with the girl because of my prior felony. I am now 59 years old, and re-married to a nice Russian lady, and we have a new daughter together who is two years old.

My wife and I got married in America in 2006 and we had a daughter born in Russia in 2007. My daughter has dual citizenship. My wife and I had planned to move to America, but our I-130 was denied because of the Adam Walsh act. I wish there was some way that that Adam Walsh act could be amended as far as that, because I need to move my family to America. I am not a child molester, and I am getting sick and tired of being treated like dirt by these self righteous hypocritical politicians. I wish that the laws on sexual offenders could get turned over, but I am afraid they never will, and will only get worse.  There is a difference between a sexual predator and a sex offender, but they all are classified the same.

Good luck to you folks, and I wish you the best in dealing with these
people. Thanks for all you are doing to help change this situation,

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