Lonely Young Man on a Computer

originally posted 6/22/2009

My son was convicted and is serving 15 years in federal confinement because he was a lonely young man on a computer. He NEVER touched a child. He never took the pictures on his computer nor was he accused of doing so. But because of “federal guidelines,” X number of photographs (each FRAME of a video counting as a photograph) equated to 15 years in prison. Many of these pictures he’d never seen, some were in the deleted part of the computer…didn’t matter that he’d never been in any trouble, worked hard, and was a good citizen.

The other young man arrested in the same “sting” had posted sexual pictures of himself to a 13 year old girl across state lines with the intent of luring her to Texas…he only got 5 years. And my son will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

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