A Good Christian Man, But Also Human!

originally posted 11/25/2009

My husband was arrested for solicitation of a minor, a computer offense, while we were dating.   This is when I discovered he had developed an addiction to internet chatting for sexual purposes in an attempt to remain celibate until marriage.  He began when he was approximately 18 years of age and was 29 years old when arrested for chatting with a 14 year-old undercover cop.  I do not condone what he did, but I understand how he got caught up in his addiction.  My husband will soon begin a 5 year prison sentence and be a registered sex offender for life.  What he really needs is counseling and a chance to lead a normal life.  Under the current laws this will never happen.  My husband is a good Christian man who is also a human, and is not without sin.  He has never denied responsibility for his actions and is very remorseful.  I love him and will always support him.

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