Can`t Even Go to a Library!

originally posted 11/12/2009

I was charged with a sex crime as a young adult back in 1996. Since that time sex offender laws kept increasing, and have gotten so ridiculous. I can’t even go to a public library anymore. I have been
highly dicriminated against, even though I have served my debt to
society. No wonder people do not want to register. My victim forgave me years ago. Yet this unforgiving world, in my opinion will never inherit the kingdom of GOD. Only those who will inherit the kingdom are those, that have accepted Jesus. Yet one day when we give an account to GOD what is the response going to be as to why are sex offenders being ousted from community and even church. Everybody in my opinion has commited a sex crime, yet my bible says all have sinned and fallen short. There is noone who is `more righteous than thou`. All this discrimination is no better than the way blacks were treated, before the civil movement. When are people going to grow up and stop harboring resentments based on stuff that happened years ago? It’s about time that this country’s (hateful) attitude, fear and paranoia be done away with.

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