This Keeps No One Safe; It`s Ridiculous

originally posted 11/12/2009

I was convicted for committing a sex offense in 1990, in Nebraska, and spent 12 1/2 years in prison for it. �Initially, upon release, I was required to register for 10 years. �Now, under a new law going in to effect next year, I will be required to register for life, even though there is nothing to indicate I pose any more of a threat to society than I did upon my release from custody in 2003. �In
addition, I will be required to supply any and all internet identifiers I have, such as email addresses, will be required to sign a consent form giving authorities permission to search my home without a warrant or any sort of cause, and will be committing a felony if I access/use social networking sites and instant messaging services, even if I have no contact with minors on any of them.

This is ridiculous. �This is un-Constitutional. �This must stop. �It is over-reaching and will keep absolutely no-one safe.

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