Female Offender Suffers Extreme Discrimination

originally posted 1/18/2011

I really agree with you that sex offenders should have second chances because there are some that only make a mistake one time and should not be on the state registery. They make mistakes and get treated like criminals , thers a difference between one time offenders and actual criminals. People that are trouble makers all the time should be locked away , but people that are not should be free to live their lives normally. They should be free to travel and work whatever job they want , if they reoffend than thats totally different . If they don’t ever reoffend than they should not be treated like stupid criminals. I feel all the laws they are trying to pas against sexual offenders are wrong. Not all offenders are threats to society the state of VA is just going to have to realize this and empty their list of people who should not be on there. I am tired of feeling nervous about applying for a regular job becuase of employers ripping my application up if they see I have an offense . I am tired of the employment discrimination against registered sex offenders and of being accused of being a violent offender by the state of VA. I feel like all the commanwealths atternoy’s assistant was just trying to get a prosecution for his own promotion not thinking about how it would effect me and my family. I was diagnosed with aspergers which already made it hard to get any kind of regular job for me , now more employment discrimination. I hope the state of VA thinks twice about what type of laws against sex offenders they pass.
Thank You, For listening to me. I am 28 years old and would like a job with benefits.
The dumb age law should be changed as well, I was charged as a violent offender just because I was more than five years older and no violent act ever occured should not be charged with something never happened and am tired of being named one and hope to one day get off the list.

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