Young Offender with ADHD Faces Multiple Problems

originally posted 1/20/2011-

I am Jesse`s mother and I am distraught over the fact that come 2/22/11, he will not be released back to his home. This current rule that is in place seems more than unconstitutional and since it is not a law signed into the state statutes, it does not seem to be enforceable.

For all his school years, Jesse was enrolled in professional treatment, beyond what school had available for him, for his ongoing ADHD handicap. Issues that varied from year to year as he matured, or when other needs arose, and of course some that I feel were never addressed and never will be. There is no cure or complete understanding of this affliction that Jesse must try and handle on a daily basis. I will never forget when one Doctor told me that due to his disability, for some facet of his life, he will always come to depend on me, his mother. Needless to say, I was stunned by his predictions many years ago and see that it is true. The Judges and PO Agents seem to think that Jesse should know right from wrong because he graduated from high school. Well they need to take off their rose colored glasses! �Let me tell you that a HS diploma does not mean a solid education in life or job skills, because it is called No child left behind as long as the child attends school, is not disruptive and does as little as put his name on the test paper, he has passed as he has done the best he could!! Isn’t that a joke? he gets a diploma for showing up to school and graduated from No child left behind in Wisconsin!!!

Jesse does not have enough life skill to live alone in another County away from where he grew up. once upon a time he thought he did, and after he moved there, you see the burden he now must carry the rest of his life for having lived in that county and the trouble he got into. His decision making skills are not adequate and he is such a gentle and trusting soul that he believes all that is told to him. One of his cell mates while incarcerated, told him of this great job he had for Jesse, more than $15 per hour with a vehicle and as many hours as he wanted to work, on & on this went. I finally asked Jesse, doesnB4t this sound to good to be true? Jesse did not think so, as this guy had taken Jesse under his wing as a son. I also got the name of this person and when I went to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access, I almost fell over. To see this cell mate was in for life for strangling his stepson and left him in a van at the Wal-Mart parking lot, and to think he had taken Jesse under his wing!! I made calls to the prison immediately to get my son out of that cell, but Jesse felt so sure that he was such a nice person and believed every word, and this is what you want to do with Jesse again, basically give him off to the murders, liars , and whatever else where he will not have access to his support system to help him sort out fact from fiction – it is like you are sending him to his death and the DOC has no conscience whatsoever about it .

At least living here, he will make use of me and his friends to see what they think of this or that and the situation at hand, especially all the males that are in the area, and can one on one talk to him like a man and people Jesse looks up to and respects.

Jesse does not have the ability to set up a home, complete with appliances, furniture, dishes not even the ability to cook or maintain a clean home, wash clothing all the things that one needs to know when it comes to running a household. This is worse than if someone rescues a wounded wild animal and after it is healed, the person then decides to keep it and for a numbers of years, feeds, waters, shelters, and medicates it. The animal now has become dependant on the human for all of its needs, but suddenly the human decides to turn the former wounded animal to his natural wild habitat, that animal will not survive, and that is what will happen to Jesse, he will not survive as he is still slowly learning to try and run a home while living with me and having those around him for support. Hopefully, no one thinks the old adage of sink or swim, is how someone like Jesse should learn, but throwing him into life on the outsdie is the exact same thing and is more than cruel and unusual punishment.

While Jesse was going through the legal process he confided to his attorney that he had been molested by an adult male who used to live here in the area. It is well documented in the court proceedings of this incident, even though it has never bee charged in a court of law. I did get a restraining order against this person but never knew of the shame and guilt that Jesse carried. I almost tipped over in the court room when I heard it recently for the first time. I have enclosed a copy of that restraining order for you to see.

So the huge concern that I have is, that the individual that did this to Jesse, lives not far from where they have placed Jesse and as you can see by this individual’s letter to Jesse, he is smooth talker and an even better listener and will feed the conversation right into the needs of Jesse such as B4I`m your friend, so sorry for what has happened to you, I can help you , willing to give $$$, how nice it is your away from your mother, she is not a good influence, she want to treat you like a baby . . . on and on it has gone in the past and will start up again I have NO doubt. The system is feeding him to the lions and it is not fair that this person will lure him into his den of filth and lust again.

Jesse has such a great network of support with friends, neighbors and church members that lend him their support and want to see him excel in his community and await his return to his home here, he needs other monitoring from these influential people in his life as there is not help from the PO agents as they also are so far stretched in their jobs (or so they complain) and have no resources to help Jesse with skills for job placement or housekeeping.

Currently, this County has a grant in place, to help those like Jesse in acquiring job marketable skills while getting paid. He is again eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation (participated during high school) and will again be able to participate in an IEP under the Workforce Development back to work planners. Looking at Job Net in our county for the past 30 days, the job search reveled jobs in, medical, foreign language interpreter, master plumber, and various sales positions/agents, as compared to other immediate surrounding counties that had many more jobs that deal with general labor, things that would fit in with JesseB4s lower level of job skills.

There also has �been contact with his former employer who is willing to have him work again and of course I am another source for employment as I have numerous friends in the restaurant business that are always is in need of cleaning or dish washing. �He really does have a great network of job leads and when there is not paying jobs, he likes to keep busy with home �repairs, lawn care, snow shoveling and spending time with �neighbors that love to talk and want to see him continue to grow and succeed. �Jesse knows this area well to be able to drive and find his way around for work, he has a �very poor sense of direction �but usually if �I drive him there 1 time, then he can usually get there on his own, he will be lost while in another county, and we all would like to see him home to continue to teach life�s skills and have a network of support from friends, neighbors and family during this process. �Life for Jesse has never been easy but he never has lost that infectious smile that warms the hearts of those that know him. �

Being at home here, he can get other local help, as he experienced many cruel and unusual things while being incarcerated, things that even made me shudder, just being able to talk to me or a trained professional counselor in our county mental health does Jesse a world of good and he is happy and has a different outlook on things after a session. �He really deserves another chance rather than being kicked to the curb like what you are intending to do with him. �It is hard to imagine as the new governor and all the tax payers whine about trying to balance the budget, the system would burden the state further as opposed to family being able to provide housing and other support and while as a community we all continue to help guide him in his life. �I have heard to many times, B4well if Jesse would of made better choice . . . . . �and if . . …. �and also that . . . ,B4 well to me that is all a bunch of crap, from a bunch of ignorant people, �because many have stumbled and some have even fallen face first as hard as they could. �This does not mean we should lock them up or better yet, kill them – then we do not have to deal with those that got tripped up in their life and made our world a little less comfortable. �

It always amazes me, that when there are threats against us as a nation threats from country or another religion, we suddenly all become Christians and thump our chest about how damn good we are, and yet when it comes to our own legal system that has various sinners incarcerated, the system is not willing to do the Christian thing, �of helping them to move on in their life after their sentence is completed but prefer to continue to basically incarcerate them further buy demanding they move away from their loved ones and placing an undo burden upon them and their families. �Not only is this NOT the Christian thing to do it is cruel and unusual punishment upon our human population in a country were we love to scream about our wonderful freedom. �where
is it in JesseB4s case when he will be incarcerated away from his loved ones! �

I have a new slogan I would like to submit to you and the DOC . . .
Hate is easy, forgiveness takes courage.
JesseB4s mom

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  1. comment added in February, 2011

    Your son sounds like a very nice person. �I was diagnosed with aspergers and made a mistake that got me in trouble as feel, �I am an awesome person as well, but the state of VA is labeling me as something I am not just because of one mistake. �I am 28 years old . �I will be praying for you and your son.
    a female offender in Virginia

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