Ex-girlfriend Felt He Should Be Punished!

originally posted 1/31/2011

I am a registered sex offender, and my crime occurred while I was in the military, which is a totally different story in itself… anyway, i now live in florida, and have been for the past five years. its been almost impossible to find a permanent place to live, because i really can’t find a job where i can afford to pay my bills, and still take care of my daughter. my last job i had, i was “let go” because a girl i was dating sent an email to my boss telling him that i was a registered sex offender, which i told her when we started dating, because she did have 2 kids. none of this
mattered when i was staying the night at her house, or taking her kids with me on errands, but as soon as we stopped dating, she felt like i should be punished so she sent the email. anyways, recently me and my fiancE9e purchased a condo here in florida,and i spent 2 months working on this place getting everything ready for us to move in, and the day prior to us moving in, my probation officer called me(i am not on probation for this case), and told me that i wasnB4t allowed to move into our new condo,because there was a playground located inside the complex, and not the state law, but the county has an ordinance that states that i can’t live within a 1000 ft of a school, park, or playground. my fiancee is now almost 9 months pregnant, and here i was trying to provide a better
life for our family, and now i can’t because i’m not even allowed to
live in my own home, which i purchased with my own very hard earned
money. can anyone help me with this?????!!!!!

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