Plenty of Bushes Around Here, Says Officer

originally posted 2/3/2011

I just read Jan. 2011 digest part 1. I would like to share my story if I may?….My husband of over 15 years is a registrant. His offenses were 25 years ago (1986) and there has been not even a hint of offense since. We have 3 children He is a wonderful father and provider, but did have an alcohol problem. In 2006 he slapped me causing him to receive 4 years in prison. He is out now, and sober, but because of his past he is now subject to the GPS monitoring and a victim of compliant housing causing him to sleep in his car. When he first got out and asked his PO where he could stay(he had halfway houses with space for him, but they were not compliant  His PO told him “There are plenty of bushes around here”. My point is, how long does a person have to go without an offense before they are no longer considered a threat?? Sex offenses have the lowest recidivism rate of all crimes, yet we spend most of our time, money, and energy accusing those who have a violation in their past. What worries me most is not the registrants, but those who have not been caught yet!! If you ever want an interview I know he would be willing to speak with you.

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