From a life of freedom to a life of hell

originally posted 1/12/2011

I am from the nebraska area and on the sex offender list thing and this is my story of how my life went from life of freedom to a life of hell. As you no there is a web based game called world of warcraft many think that this game is free of people that do things to little children but that is not true at all. �there all over the net and on games like world of warcaft and this is how i got my charge: i met a guy that i thought was a good guy. I never did any thing but live in a trailer park and played the game, but i did not look at his background to see what he realy was and that is where i failed and he got my e mail off some world of warcraft �fan web site that he and I were members of at the time. �he started sending me these images of these underage children and you would think that i would delete them and move on with my life, but i did not do that. i printed them out and took them to what i thought where the good cops of the university of nebraska police. �thinking this would do good to bring this guy down and i hoped to god that it did just. �but no that is not what it did, �for as what i say next in this story is true to my words. �i’m not sure that all states say that this is a class 3 felony but in nebraska it is and there is realy nothing that you can do to get them to lower it in less you have real deep bank accounts and a lawyer, but not every one has that money to do that and i for one did not. �and so i was treated with nothing but my will to live and to go on but at what cost the cost to me was real big. �I now have to be on the sex offender list for 25 years of my life for somthing that i turned in and did not want. i was also in 2 newspapers and on all the news chanals in the nebraska area and was sent to prison for 1-2 years. i lost my job and all my stuff that i owned – much of it can never be replaced. i lost my house, my job and my cars to somthing that somone sent me over an email.

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