Falsely Accused, Imprisoned for Sending Wrong Address

originally posted 1/12/2011

I am not sure if I am in the right place. I am looking to try to be helpful where I can. I am engaged to a wonderful man who is serving time in an Illinois Correctional facility. He is a registered Sex Offender. This label is used so loosely, and I wish there was a way to let people know that there are different levels and most should not be classified in association with the Sex Offender in the true sense. Even as he sits in prison, he is accused of something he is not guilty of, for not registering his “new address” . I lost my job of 20 years for my relationship with him. Somehow I have to try to convince my own family that the label given to him with the spectrum being so vast, the accusations all in one clump, not separating the innocent, those who have not harmed any other human let alone a child, to those that are clearly guilty as having actual physical contact with another, solely without their permission, causing harm to them directly, and intentionally. Because of having opened the door to his own home to let his dogs out, when he had just climbed out of bed wearing nothing, how he chooses to sleep ,which should be your own business in your home, someone saw him, and they were of 13 years of age. Had they been adults, I am under the impression, he would not be in this mess. I am just angry with the laws as to now his life is changed because of something he did with such innocence. This charge he has now..false,he was compliant , he was registered at his address and simply visiting my residence, which by the way they decided had a park right out my door, this way disputed, as I lived there a year before even realizing there was a park nearby, definitely not right out my door. Now I am faced with trying to find a new job, not easy at 54, and at some time within the next couple years a place for us to live, as I am with relatives, unable to keep my apartment having lost my job. Just from the little bit I have
read here and there, that will be my biggest feat. who will rent or sell to a Sex Offender? I wish with all my being that they would find a way to classify the true dangerous sex offenders and make some type of scale for just punishment. I must admit before I met my true love, I too believed Sex Offender meant someone who had harmed a child in a sexual fashion, as well as adults too, never imagining, I myself could have ruined my high school sweethearts life with one crazy story! Or sent a neighbor to jail for relieving himself in his yard never knowing anyone was near!

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