My Child Has Lost His Freedom Forever!

Originally posted 12/22/2010

I wrote this because as a mother of a sex offender seeing “other” criminals walk with NOTHING when my child has effectively lost his freedoms FOREVER leaves me cold. �The story of �my son Gary is found in Wikkipedia. My son is at FCI Miami until 09/01/15.
I want to introduce you to two young men from different generations and ask the question that preys on my soul.

First is a young man born April 29, 1945. In 1968, when he was 23 years old, he and his girlfriend kidnapped a young �woman and requested $500,000 ransom. He buried the victim alive giving her a tube that allowed her to get some air and setting up a little fan. She was also given drugged water to drink. She was in the grave from December 17 to December 20 before she was rescued. The young man had his girlfriend wait at the �gravesite� to cover the air hole just in case, while he went and picked up the ransom. One of the detectives on the case said the only decent thing he did was call the dispatcher and give them the location of the grave, however it could have been done in order to cut the girlfriend out of the money. He was arrested 2 days later after being put on the FBI most wanted list and sentenced to life in prison. In 1972 he wrote a book about his crime. (ISBN 0-7004-0100-8). He was released on parole after serving only 10 years. He was then granted a pardon so that he could study to become a doctor. He received his medical degree and began practicing in Indiana until his past was brought to life in 2002 by a newspaper reporter. His medical career was limited, he was on indefinite probation, unable to prescribe narcotics and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. He also was required to submit monthly reports on his practice and appear before the board every six months. After being found out in Indiana, the medical board discovered he had lied about disciplinary action during his residency and his license was revoked in 2003. He then began working in construction in Alabama. In March 2006 he was arrested in Barrow County Alabama for running a cocaine operation valued at over $1 million. He was sentenced January 17, 2007 to serve 5 years and 5 months in a Federal prison in Florida. His release date was November 23, 2010.

Several profiles that have been published regarding this young man say that he is a A8non homicidal psychopathA8. He does not kill or hurt out of desire as a serial killer might but if something he wants requires that he hurt or kill someone or thing it would not bother him.

Now the scary part!! Now that he has been released he has to check in with his parole officer once a month. He can work in a lot of places, he can live where he wants, to find out about his past you would have to do in depth research.



The next young man was the son of a single mom, absent alcoholic dad, maternal family raised. He was a obese child, spoiled and selfish. He had a food addiction and a sex addiction. He liked Manga and fantasy games. According to the forensic psychologist he saw, he had the emotional maturity of a 12-14 year old. He was 20 years old when he was charged with possession of child pornography. There was no distribution charge, the pictures were for his own sexual use. There was no evidence or even innuendo or rumor that the young man had ever touched anyone inappropriately. The doctor said basically he was a voyeur of girls that appealed to his emotional age. He stated that the young man was not a threat to children.

He received 6 years in a federal prison. He will serve 5 years. When he is released his status will be public knowledge, his movements, living arrangements, work and or school lifestyle will require full disclosure of his status as a sex offender FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. He will be 27 when he is released. You can make sure he does not live in your area, you can go to the police station and complain and he will be picked up instantly, you can cost him his job, home or future with one word.
ut the non homicidal psychopath could move in next door and you would have no way of knowing.
Now the question: �WHY?

Reform Sex Offenders Laws!

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