They Said If We Were Married, He Could Live with His Step Son

originally posted 12/13/2010

I am married to the most caring, loving man, that just happens
to be on the Sex Offenders Registry. He was 17 at the time (20 years
ago). �The police scared him into a plea with a flat sentence of 11
years, which he served. I am/was a foster mother, not sure where that is because they came and took the kids yesterday, and now they are saying that my husband can not be in the same house or even see my two year old son. We looked at the laws when we fell in love, to make sure we were not breaking any laws. �Even his probation officer (now he is off of probation)told him that if we were married it was not against the law to live with his stop son. Something has got to be done, DCS in our state is now doing an investigation and until it’s over my son has to spend the night at my mom’s house but can be here with me while my husband is at work. �It’s not fair: �even though he has done his time for something he did not do, served his probation period, 20 years later still on the registry list. �IB4m �tearing my heart out … I would love to help in anyway possible to help my husband and to help others that have to live withthis the rest of their life, even though this is the only thing on their
records…please contact me.

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