What Kind of Country Is This?

originally posted 12/12/2010

my son used limewire, a file share program to download music for his I pod, he found a video containing underage porn. �the video was a trap made and distributed by the County law enforcement task force. �My son was charged with posession,he did not delete it off his harddrive, attempt to distribute (because it was a file share program distribute). �He is now a felon, unemployable, labled a sex offender for life, and a whole lot of law agencies are making a whole lot of money off his situation. polygraphers, parole officers, monitoring alone cost 16,000.00 for the 6 years he must wear the bracelet and carry the box. �Weekly therapy, the lawyer, bail, court fees, they just put this bait out there and round up the college students. �we have spent at least 60.000.00 and we arent half way through his parole. �you do the math. �its ALL about money. this is the first experience any of our family has had with the legal system, it has been a real eye opener. �I am dumbfounded that it is so lucritive,for law enforcement. from the first minute, the cash that was in his pocket when he was arrested was not returned, nor mentioned…i keep thinking, “what country is this?” �our lawyer says Limewire file sharing is keeping the courts real real busy.

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