Mine Was not a Minor Offense

originally posted 11/12/2011

I’m not sure how or if registry reform will affect me. I have no idea what tier I might be included in. I molested one of my children.

I’ve lost jobs over my past and the fear, no, terror of the thought of having my registered status revealed is incredible. I have been fortunate. I have been able to be gainfully employed since my conviction in 1993.

I live alone, and that is agony to me. I do have a relationship with my children and grand children now… somewhat at arm’s length, but that is understandable. The silver lining is that I have found out who my true friends are.

Am I a danger to children in general or society at large? I don’t think so, and those true friends I mentioned don’t either. Do the fear mongers think so? I think the laws they pass speak volumes.



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