originally posted 10/29/2011

I am too with a son that has this title against him for the rest of his life. I would have never thought there was a site for this label. I have a son that was not incarcerated but screwed by the system. He did have consensual sex with this girl and then when they were done he went to her cousin’s bedroom and started to talk with the cousin. The cousin started to kiss my son, and that is when the girl  walked in, and then she said she was raped by him. Her cousin told her that she was lying about this whole situation because she saw them enjoying themselves. This is what she (cousin) told the police at this time.

After two days, they both went down to the police stations and filed a police report against my son. About a month later my son was called in to testify the story. This went on about 3 hrs of questioning, and my son finally told the detective that he suppose he did it, but he recalls it being consensual. Now at the time this  happened, both the girls were sober and my son had an AL 0.355 way over the limit. So, when the detective heard him say this off to jail he went. That is when I was hit with a baseball bat.

I hired a lawyer to defend him, but that was 10,000 down the drain. He had my son sign a plea bargain so, he didn’t  have to go to trial. I  asked the lawyer why he would do something like this and his response was that your son doesn’t  remember anything and his confession  was going to hurt him.  I truly know that my son is innocent and could never have done such a thing to a woman.

What sickens me even worse is that there are more women out there that will do this to good men, because of a jealously thing and just to get back at men. Don’t get me wrong; I know there are men that are out there that will do this to women, and they should go to jail. Our system needs to do better than this. Sorry for putting this out on the front line, but I am an angry mother and want some justice for my son and other men that have to fight this because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.



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