I Feel Like My Life Is Over

originally posted 7/2012

Although you won’t find my picture on any of the “”sex offender”” registry lists , I AM a registered sex offender on a misdemeanor offense from 1998 and will need to register until the day I die per California law. I have been living a life of pure hell ever since the day I had to register!

My story is a long one and I’m not the best at writing and conveying my emotions very well.  But basically I have been harassed , threatened , and humiliated by the detectives that handle the Megan’s Law department that I report to every year (popping up at my apartment building , asking the leasing office manager if I have been causing any ‘trouble ‘ in the building etc. and I am now facing criminal charges because after more then 10 years of being compliant with every aspect of my registry, I moved to a bigger apartment in the same building with the same address last August.   I called the registry department and explained that I moved down the hall at the same address.  Being on permanent disability, it is hard for me to go back and forth to the police department, so I asked the officer if I needed to come in to the Police Department for an apartment number change;  he informed me to make sure on my yearly birthday registration to let them know to update my apartment number.  When I went in to register last May, I told them that I switched apartments last August and that I spoke to an officer on the phone; they accused me of lying and that their department would NEVER say such a thing, and since I was stupid enough to not get the name of the officer I spoke to , I am basically screwed!  There’s so much more to my story, but as I said, I’m not a great writer.  But please keep in mind that this was a MISDEMEANOR offense that I even had successfully expunged off my record a few years ago, and this is what they’re wasting their time and energy on!  I feel like my life and freedom ended the day that this all began.  I’ve been trying to get on ANDERSON or some other talk show to share my story, to make people aware and understand how distorted this law is.. I would gladly talk to a reporter about this!



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