Mother of RSO

originally posted 7/2012

This has been a nightmare for my son all in the name of LOVE.  He just so happened to fall in love with a 16 year old as well as her falling in love with him.  The mother was aware of their feelings,  as far as I could see with approval.  That is until my son’s ex-wife and her dad got wind of this.  Then all hell broke loose nine years ago.  My son’s whole life was turned upside down.  Lost his job (of eight years) at the school system, his two sons as he was not allowed to see them, all the normal living was snatched away.
He and Amanda would probably have been married (if people didn’t make this dirty)with a great life.  They were so happy together, always laughing.

Anyway, my point is Amanda is living life and my son is still paying for this relationship all because of an age thing.  Well, enough is enough.

This lifetime probation is so unfair to put on my son’s head while all other parties involved are going along with life in a normal way.  No one was hurt over this relationship except my child.  No good is coming from all the stipulations he has to follow for the rest of his life for being in love at the wrong time.  I was married at the age of 15 almost 16 when no one thought so evil about being in LOVE.   I am sick and tired of all the bull for him to go through.  Most of it is for the old mighty dollar as all the cost this has occurred for him.

Please, we need to judge each situation in all different ways rather then put him in the same category as a rapist or predator.

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